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Journal 3/21 (May/Jun) mailing was handed to Royal Mail by our distributors on Wednesday 19th May.

Members who have registered for e-journals instead of hard copies should have received an email on Friday 21st May containing the links enabling them to obtain their copy.  If not, email

Members who have not registered for e-journals but who would nevertheless like to obtain an electronic copy can submit requests for the links at, for which they will be required to pay a token sum of £1.00.


Your renewal date is shown on your membership card. If you receive your journal by post, it also appears above your name and address on your journal address sheets, together with your membership number. A reminder is printed on the first page of the newsletter which accompanies each journal, prompting you to check the foregoing.  If your renewal is due, a renewal form is printed on the reverse of the address slip, or you can renew your membership online at

Unfortunately, for members who have registered to receive their journals in electronic format, our progression into providing journal links by email means that we are now unable to confirm individual member’s renewal dates at the same time.

However, any member due to renew in a two-month journal period who has failed to do so will receive a reminder shortly thereafter, either by email or by letter; (e.g. a member, whose membership has lapsed in January or in February, will receive a reminder early in March, in good time to enable renewal before the next journal is due for distribution).