Vacancy – Area Groups Co-Ordinator

Our current Area Groups Co-Ordinator, Graham Elliott, has expressed his intention to step down from the role at the time of this year’s Annual General Meeting.

We are therefore in need of someone to take up the responsibilities – especially when we may be seeing (hopefully) some easing or ending of the current restrictions and hence an eventual return to Area Groups being able to resume operations.

The Area Groups Co-ordinator is a member of the Management Committee and will attend Committee Meetings, putting forward items on the Agenda which could affect Area Groups and considering the effect of any Committee proposals on Area Groups.

Other duties and responsibilities include:

  • Advise and encourage members on the formation of Area Groups, provide a “Guidelines to Area Groups” document and authorise reasonable expenses via the Society Treasurer for such things as postage, envelopes and the hall hire fee for the first meeting (receipts are required).
  • Liaise with and maintain records of each group and their membership and ensure that the Society annual support grant is paid to each group who claim.
  • Give assistance / advice to Area Group Leaders/Chairpersons as requested.
  • Request and maintain a list of members of each Area Group including Society membership number and expiry date (usually done in conjunction with annual Grant claims).
  • Receive Newsletters from Area Groups and redistribute interesting items from these to all other Area Groups via the Newsletter.
  • Prepare and submit an article for each issue of the Newsletter (or Journal) for the “Area Groups” page containing information that may be of interest to the general membership of the Society.
  • Advise the Committee (Society Treasurer in particular) of any Area Group which is disbanding (after having tried all avenues to keep the Group alive)
  • Report (to the Committee) any activities of a Group which are thought to not be in the best interests of the Society.
  • Maintain, with the web editor, the Area Groups pages on the NGS website.
  • Leading responses on any questions relating to Area Groups arising on the info@ngaugesociety account or on social media (via the Publicity Officer).

Applications or nominations for this post should be made via email or “snail mail” to the General Secretary.

It remains only for me to thank Graham, on behalf of the rest of the NGS Committee, for his sterling service in this role over the past five years.

Arthur Frost

NGS General Secretary