Latest on the Hunslets

Transcription of item which will appear in the next Newsletter, due out later this month (July):

Final Hunslet Production Update
By Bob Symmons and Ben Ando

So a couple of months have passed since the last update and we have not, unfortunately, made the progress with the Hunslets that we had hoped for. Two things are behind this. Firstly, the Factory have taken longer to get back to full production capabilities after the COVID outbreak, which is understandable. They have only recently reached their pre-COVID employee levels in the Factory. Secondly, they have run into a issue when assembling and testing the production models. Both of these issues are frustrating for all of us, but we would all agree that the employees at the Factory need to be safe in their work environment.

The other issue is due to the ground-breaking nature of our first RtR powered model and its diminutive size. Given the small size and relative  weight of the Hunslets, the requirement for accuracy of the wheel sets in motion is paramount and we cannot have the same kind of “generous”  tolerances that exist for most other N Gauge RtR models, where there is more weight to compensate. As a result, the wheel sets are being turned to a more demanding profile to ensure that the running characteristics are as smooth as possible to ensure optimal running on our layouts. This change is required to meet our expectations and it is, as we have always said, important to get it right and produce the best model we can for you.

Both of the delays above have put things back a couple of months but the offset to this is, with Lockdown starting to ease (albeit slowly) and some things starting to return to some kind of “new normal”, that we may be able to get the production run airfreighted over. Also the willing group of Volunteers, that were prepared to aid distribution, may be in a safer position to do so as we move through the pandemic.

This update will be the final production update in our newsletter – we are so close to realising our goals for this model. Thanks for your continued patience. In the next 5/20 Newsletter we will be talking about shipping/distribution of the fabulous models out to all of you that have pre-ordered!