The N Gauge Society Stand is attending The International N Gauge Show this weekend.

The stock that is on the stand is as follows.

Product CodeDescriptionInventory QtyPrice
N10N’Spirations 101£2.40
N7N’Spirations 71£2.20
N8N’spirations 85£2.20
N9N’Spirations 917£2.20
NGSB0001Fabricated Y253£4.00
NGSB00038’00’ Plateback Bogies20£4.00
NGSB00045’6′ Plateback Bogies10£4.00
NGSB00055′ 6′ Glouc Bogies9£4.00
NGSB00068’00’ Gresley Bogies5£4.00
NGSB00095′ 6′ Diamond Bogies11£4.00
NGSB00108′ 00′ South Steam Bogies10£4.00
NGSB0011Glocs GPS2213£4.00
NGSB0012NACCO Axle Motion20£4.00
NGSB0013Ride Control20£4.00
NGSB0014Eng Steel ESC116£4.00
NGSB0100Couplers 5off51£5.00
NGSB0200Sml Rect Buffers x2025£2.55
NGSB0201Lrg Rect Buffers x2019£2.55
NGSB0202BR Steam Oval Buffers x2025£2.55
NGSB0203BR Mod Oval Buffers x2025£2.55
NGSB0204Sqr Rounded Corners x2025£2.55
NGSB03006.2mm Wheels30£6.00
NGSB0400Axle Reamer10£8.00
NGSK0010Hopper Wagon Kit  &Chassis10£6.30
NGSK0020GWR Mink ‘C’ Wag Kit &Chassis10£7.90
NGSK0030LMS Van Kit & Chassis10£5.90
NGSK0060GWR Lowmac Kit & Chassis15£6.75
NGSK0080Bogie Bolster Kit &Chassis10£7.70
NGSK0090Polybulk Kit Inc Transfer& Chassis – Grainflow7£13.75
NGSK0100GWR MICA ‘A’ Van &Chassis10£6.05
NGSK0110BR Seacow Ballast Wagon5£19.75
NGSK0121BR BDV/W Bogie Bolste rGlos Bogies10£12.35
NGSK0122BR BDV/W Bogie Bolster Plate Bogies10£12.35
NGSK0123BR BDO Bogie Bolster D Plateback Bogies10£9.75
NGSK0130GWR/BR Iron Mink Van10£6.20
NGSK0140LNER/Private Owner 8 Plank Wagon10£5.10
NGSK0150LMS TresTrol10£9.45
NGSK0151TresTrol Frames20£2.00
NGSK0160BR 21 Ton Hopper Wagon& Chassis10£9.50
NGSK0161Etched Brass Detail Kit For NGSK0160 21T Hop48£1.00
NGSK0180LMS/BR 12 Ton Box Vans Twin Pack10£10.90
NGSK0190BR 21T Mineral Wagon &Chassis10£7.10
NGSK0200BR 24t Anhydrite Hopper15£6.30
NGSK0201Detailing etch for Anhyfrite20£1.00
NGSK0210SR/BR 12T Box Van Twin Pack10£9.40
NGSK0220BR Shark Ballast Plough Brake Van15£7.35
NGSK0230RCH(1923) 12 Ton Open Wagon10£5.60
NGSK0240B.R. MK.1. Standard Horse Box5£7.95
NGSK0260GWR Goods Van & MOGO Twin Pack10£9.15
NGSK0270B.R. ‘SALMON’ Engineers Wagon12£14.25
NGSK0271YSA/YWA Salmon Eng Wagon Post 199911£14.25
NGSK0272Crane Detailing Pack For NGSK0270&027135£5.00
NGSK0280RMC ‘JGA’ Hopper Wagon16£14.90
NGSK0290Yvonne Shillabeer Memorial Wagon3£5.00
NGSK0292PO Dorman Long10£5.00
NGSK0293PO Arthur Day15£5.00
NGSK0294PO DR Llewellyn3£5.00
NGSK0296PO Norton & Bid13£5.00
NGSK0297PO Pinxton16£5.00
NGSK0298PO Rly Employees11£5.00
NGSK0299PO Carron Co.6£5.00
NGSK0300Gresley Full Brake builtto Diagram 136£26.90
NGSK0310BR Weltrol Wagon Kit10£7.80
NGSK0311Wooden Crate forNGSK031020£2.95
NGSK0320GWR Macaw C B/Bolster5£15.75
NGSK0321Macaw 1c5£15.75
NGSK0322Macaw 1d8£15.75
NGSK0330Railtrk PNA – Twin Pack Even & Uneven Rribbed20£12.80
NGSK0360BR Shock Open & Van18£8.80
NGSK0370TTA Chemical Tanker& Chassis18£19.75
NGSK0380BR BORAIL10£10.80
NGSK0390BR Mullet/Parr Sleeper Wagon10£10.80
NGSK0430YKA Osprey Track Pane lWagon15£2.35
NGSK0460BR Bogie Bolster E With Turbot Option8£14.75
NGSK0470BR (Ex LMS/LNER) Highfits Twin Pack10£8.80
NGSK0480LMS/GWR Wooden Opens Twin Pack10£8.45
NGSK0500Warwell WWII9£11.05
NGSK0501Warwell Post 197620£10.25
NGSK0510GWR P19 / Rudd20£8.55
NGSK0520GWR BoRail C B/Bolster10£15.75
NGSK0530Gane A/Macaw J/Borail F10£15.75
NGSK0540Rover Cube Wagon5£35.50
NGSK0610Van Wide VVV22£5.05
NGSK0620BR Containers20£3.75
NGSK0630Palvan / Steel Medfit23£9.40
NGSK0640Sand Tippler Twin25£8.25
NGSK0650SR 8 Plank15£5.50
NGSK0660BR Lowfit/Twin Bolster Twin Pack11£7.80
NGSK0670LNER 12T Vans10£9.20
NGSK0680POA Open20£6.30
NGSK0690Limpet Open20£6.00
NGSK0700BR Standard Vans Twin Pack15£7.80
NGSK0711Russell’ Coal Cont Only15£1.55
NGSK0720PTA/JTA/JUA Tippler5 Pack5£94.00
NGSK0740BR China Clay Wagon25£6.30
NGSK0750BR VCA Van NO Chassis10£2.80
NGSK0760BR VDA Van NO Chassis3£3.15
NGSK0771LNER-BR Boplate Diamond Frame10£10.00
NGSK0772LNER-BR Boplate Plate Bogies10£10.00
NGSK0773LNER-BR Boplate Y25 Bogies10£10.00
NGSM0001Society Tie – Blue1£5.65
NGSM0002NGS Badge – Pin Fixing28£2.35
NGSM0003NGS Badge – Stud Fixing29£2.35
NGSM0004NGS Tie – Green4£5.65
NGSM0111Journal CD  20116£3.50
NGSM0112Journal CD 20126£3.50
NGSM0113Journal CD 20135£3.50
NGSM0114Journal CD 20143£3.50
NGSM0115Journal CD 20153£3.50
NGSM0116Journal CD 201612£3.50
NGSM0117Journal CD 20171£3.50
NGSM0118Journal CD 20188£3.50
NGSM0119Journal CD 201910£3.50
NGSM0120Journal CD 202010£3.50
NGSM0175Journal Binder6£6.40
NGSM0191Journal Back Issues1968-20104£5.00
NGSM0301Booklet Germany Glossary14£1.50
NGSM0400NGS – Nameplate – Red6£5.50
NGSM0401NGS – Nameplate – Black6£5.00
NGSM0402Fireirons – Iron Etch27£0.50
NGSM0403Drain & Manhole Covers -Etch21£0.50
NGSM0502Track & Point Roller Gauge10£4.00
NGSR0344Stove Tinsley Red8£16.40
NGSR0429Snowplough – Snow Queen4£15.90
NGSR0444Queen Mary BR Olive 377-875X12£17.00
NGSR0445Queen Mary  Dutch13£17.00
NGSR0450Inns Saloon LMS Unlined20£23.00
NGSR0451Inspec Saloom LMS Crim16£23.00
NGSR0458Inspec Saloon Marron/Blk 374-875R15£23.00
NGSR0459Saloon LMS U/L22£23.00
NGSR0550Collett – Full Choc9£26.00
NGSR0556Collett BlueW141W9£26.00
NGSR0557Collett EnpartsOlive14£26.00
NGSR0562Thomp Crimson&Cream – 374-860V22£24.00
NGSR0563Thomp BR Crimson – 374-860X19£24.00
NGSR0565Thomp BR Blue – 374-860Z10£24.00
NGSR0566Thomp BR Maroon – 374-860Y8£24.00
NGSR0571CarFlat Bauxite – 400U11£29.95
NGSR0572CarFlat BR Blue – 400V54£29.95
NGSR0573CarFlat Motorail – 400W30£29.95
NGSR0574CarFlat Motorail B4 – 400X24£29.95
NGSR0575Carflat Bauxite B4 – 400Y47£29.95
NGSR0576CarFlat Railease – 400Z52£29.95
NGSR060350th Wagon – Simmons18£8.00
NGSR060450th Tanker – Shell15£10.00
NGSR0900St Ives Corn Ex8£9.00
NGSR0901Corn Ex SignsFREE8£0.00
NGST0007Gen Purpose Transfer 6 MMT 186-62£1.00
NGST0010Decals HJO/HJV49£1.00
NGST0060Decals Kit  630£1.00
NGST0080Decals for Kit 830£1.50
NGST0110Decals Seacow30£1.50
NGST0120Decals BDA30£1.50
NGST0121Decals for BDV/W4£1.50
NGST0130Decals Mink Gun30£1.50
NGST0140Decals Kit 1430£1.00
NGST0150Decals for Kit 1530£1.00
NGST0160Decals Kit 1630£1.50
NGST0170Decals Cartic20£2.45
NGST0180Decals Box LMS Van12£2.00
NGST0190Decal BR 21t Hop29£1.00
NGST0200Decals for Kit 2018£1.50
NGST0210Decals for Kit 2122£1.50
NGST0220Decals for Kit 226£2.00
NGST0230Extra Decals for Kit 23 & 2911£0.75
NGST0240Decals for Kit 2430£0.75
NGST0250Decals for Kit 2530£1.00
NGST0260Decals for Kit 267£2.00
NGST0271Decals for Kit 27b3£1.50
NGST0280Decals for Kit 283£10.75
NGST0300Decals for Kit 3026£1.00
NGST0310Decals for Kit 3130£0.50
NGST0320Decals for Kit 324£1.50
NGST0370Decals TTA Kit 3730£3.00
NGST0380Decals for Kit 386£1.50
NGST0390Decals for Kit 395£1.50
NGST0460Decals Bobol Turbot26£1.50
NGST0470Decals Highfit15£1.50
NGST0480Decals LMS GWR Open18£1.50
NGST0490Decals for Kit 4928£1.50
NGST0500Decals for Warwell21£1.50
NGST0501Decal Post 76 Warwell20£1.50
NGST0510Decals Rudd/P1930£1.50
NGST0610Decals for VVV7£1.50
NGST0620Decals for kit 6230£0.25
NGST0630Decals kit 6317£1.50
NGST0640Decals for Kit 645£1.50
NGST0650SR-LSWR 8 Plank Open13£1.50
NGST0660Decals for Kit 6630£1.00
NGST0670Decals for Kit 6717£1.00
NGST0700BR Standard Vans30£1.50
NGST0720British Steel, Original Livery7£3.00
NGST0721British Steel South Wales Blue with Arrow Logo7£3.00
NGST0722Procor/CAIB ARC Livery7£3.00
NGST0723Procor YEOMAN Livery6£4.00
NGST0724CAIB YEOMAN Livery6£3.50
NGST0740Decals for Kit 744£3.50
NGST0750Decals for Kit 7530£2.00
NGST0760Decals for Kit 7630£2.00
NGST0770Decals for Kit 7712£1.75
NGSV0001Scimitar Light Tank10£11.20
NGSV0002Saxon APC14£9.50
NGSV0003Humber Pig9£10.70
NGSV0004Bv206 amphibious vehicle20£14.00
NGSW0010Area Group – Spencer16£11.10
NGSW0020Area Group – MR5£11.10