Despatch of ModelMaster transfer orders (22/11)

Further to the previous availability announcement, please note that, for various reasons, the despatch of orders has been delayed. We apologise for this and request the patience of those members affected. All being well, we should be in a position to get things rolling this coming week (w/c 26/10/20).

Further to the above post, we are advised that the health difficulties suffered by the volunteer involved have unfortunately persisted longer than expected. However, with extra help from another volunteer, it is hoped that all October MMT orders will be despatched later this week (1st week of November).

Further again (Thurs 12/11) – for the same reason as before, not much was accomplished last week, unfortunately. Trying again this week! Apologies to all who are still waiting!

And further yet again (Sun 22/11) – health problems still persisting and Scottish zoning preventing assistance, but hopes for this coming week.