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The N Gauge Society Stand is attending The International N Gauge Show this weekend.

The stock that is on the stand is as follows.

Product CodeDescriptionInventory QtyPrice
N10N’Spirations 101£2.40
N7N’Spirations 71£2.20
N8N’spirations 85£2.20
N9N’Spirations 917£2.20
NGSB0001Fabricated Y253£4.00
NGSB00038’00’ Plateback Bogies20£4.00
NGSB00045’6′ Plateback Bogies10£4.00
NGSB00055′ 6′ Glouc Bogies9£4.00
NGSB00068’00’ Gresley Bogies5£4.00
NGSB00095′ 6′ Diamond Bogies11£4.00
NGSB00108′ 00′ South Steam Bogies10£4.00
NGSB0011Glocs GPS2213£4.00
NGSB0012NACCO Axle Motion20£4.00
NGSB0013Ride Control20£4.00
NGSB0014Eng Steel ESC116£4.00
NGSB0100Couplers 5off51£5.00
NGSB0200Sml Rect Buffers x2025£2.55
NGSB0201Lrg Rect Buffers x2019£2.55
NGSB0202BR Steam Oval Buffers x2025£2.55
NGSB0203BR Mod Oval Buffers x2025£2.55
NGSB0204Sqr Rounded Corners x2025£2.55
NGSB03006.2mm Wheels30£6.00
NGSB0400Axle Reamer10£8.00
NGSK0010Hopper Wagon Kit  &Chassis10£6.30
NGSK0020GWR Mink ‘C’ Wag Kit &Chassis10£7.90
NGSK0030LMS Van Kit & Chassis10£5.90
NGSK0060GWR Lowmac Kit & Chassis15£6.75
NGSK0080Bogie Bolster Kit &Chassis10£7.70
NGSK0090Polybulk Kit Inc Transfer& Chassis – Grainflow7£13.75
NGSK0100GWR MICA ‘A’ Van &Chassis10£6.05
NGSK0110BR Seacow Ballast Wagon5£19.75
NGSK0121BR BDV/W Bogie Bolste rGlos Bogies10£12.35
NGSK0122BR BDV/W Bogie Bolster Plate Bogies10£12.35
NGSK0123BR BDO Bogie Bolster D Plateback Bogies10£9.75
NGSK0130GWR/BR Iron Mink Van10£6.20
NGSK0140LNER/Private Owner 8 Plank Wagon10£5.10
NGSK0150LMS TresTrol10£9.45
NGSK0151TresTrol Frames20£2.00
NGSK0160BR 21 Ton Hopper Wagon& Chassis10£9.50
NGSK0161Etched Brass Detail Kit For NGSK0160 21T Hop48£1.00
NGSK0180LMS/BR 12 Ton Box Vans Twin Pack10£10.90
NGSK0190BR 21T Mineral Wagon &Chassis10£7.10
NGSK0200BR 24t Anhydrite Hopper15£6.30
NGSK0201Detailing etch for Anhyfrite20£1.00
NGSK0210SR/BR 12T Box Van Twin Pack10£9.40
NGSK0220BR Shark Ballast Plough Brake Van15£7.35
NGSK0230RCH(1923) 12 Ton Open Wagon10£5.60
NGSK0240B.R. MK.1. Standard Horse Box5£7.95
NGSK0260GWR Goods Van & MOGO Twin Pack10£9.15
NGSK0270B.R. ‘SALMON’ Engineers Wagon12£14.25
NGSK0271YSA/YWA Salmon Eng Wagon Post 199911£14.25
NGSK0272Crane Detailing Pack For NGSK0270&027135£5.00
NGSK0280RMC ‘JGA’ Hopper Wagon16£14.90
NGSK0290Yvonne Shillabeer Memorial Wagon3£5.00
NGSK0292PO Dorman Long10£5.00
NGSK0293PO Arthur Day15£5.00
NGSK0294PO DR Llewellyn3£5.00
NGSK0296PO Norton & Bid13£5.00
NGSK0297PO Pinxton16£5.00
NGSK0298PO Rly Employees11£5.00
NGSK0299PO Carron Co.6£5.00
NGSK0300Gresley Full Brake builtto Diagram 136£26.90
NGSK0310BR Weltrol Wagon Kit10£7.80
NGSK0311Wooden Crate forNGSK031020£2.95
NGSK0320GWR Macaw C B/Bolster5£15.75
NGSK0321Macaw 1c5£15.75
NGSK0322Macaw 1d8£15.75
NGSK0330Railtrk PNA – Twin Pack Even & Uneven Rribbed20£12.80
NGSK0360BR Shock Open & Van18£8.80
NGSK0370TTA Chemical Tanker& Chassis18£19.75
NGSK0380BR BORAIL10£10.80
NGSK0390BR Mullet/Parr Sleeper Wagon10£10.80
NGSK0430YKA Osprey Track Pane lWagon15£2.35
NGSK0460BR Bogie Bolster E With Turbot Option8£14.75
NGSK0470BR (Ex LMS/LNER) Highfits Twin Pack10£8.80
NGSK0480LMS/GWR Wooden Opens Twin Pack10£8.45
NGSK0500Warwell WWII9£11.05
NGSK0501Warwell Post 197620£10.25
NGSK0510GWR P19 / Rudd20£8.55
NGSK0520GWR BoRail C B/Bolster10£15.75
NGSK0530Gane A/Macaw J/Borail F10£15.75
NGSK0540Rover Cube Wagon5£35.50
NGSK0610Van Wide VVV22£5.05
NGSK0620BR Containers20£3.75
NGSK0630Palvan / Steel Medfit23£9.40
NGSK0640Sand Tippler Twin25£8.25
NGSK0650SR 8 Plank15£5.50
NGSK0660BR Lowfit/Twin Bolster Twin Pack11£7.80
NGSK0670LNER 12T Vans10£9.20
NGSK0680POA Open20£6.30
NGSK0690Limpet Open20£6.00
NGSK0700BR Standard Vans Twin Pack15£7.80
NGSK0711Russell’ Coal Cont Only15£1.55
NGSK0720PTA/JTA/JUA Tippler5 Pack5£94.00
NGSK0740BR China Clay Wagon25£6.30
NGSK0750BR VCA Van NO Chassis10£2.80
NGSK0760BR VDA Van NO Chassis3£3.15
NGSK0771LNER-BR Boplate Diamond Frame10£10.00
NGSK0772LNER-BR Boplate Plate Bogies10£10.00
NGSK0773LNER-BR Boplate Y25 Bogies10£10.00
NGSM0001Society Tie – Blue1£5.65
NGSM0002NGS Badge – Pin Fixing28£2.35
NGSM0003NGS Badge – Stud Fixing29£2.35
NGSM0004NGS Tie – Green4£5.65
NGSM0111Journal CD  20116£3.50
NGSM0112Journal CD 20126£3.50
NGSM0113Journal CD 20135£3.50
NGSM0114Journal CD 20143£3.50
NGSM0115Journal CD 20153£3.50
NGSM0116Journal CD 201612£3.50
NGSM0117Journal CD 20171£3.50
NGSM0118Journal CD 20188£3.50
NGSM0119Journal CD 201910£3.50
NGSM0120Journal CD 202010£3.50
NGSM0175Journal Binder6£6.40
NGSM0191Journal Back Issues1968-20104£5.00
NGSM0301Booklet Germany Glossary14£1.50
NGSM0400NGS – Nameplate – Red6£5.50
NGSM0401NGS – Nameplate – Black6£5.00
NGSM0402Fireirons – Iron Etch27£0.50
NGSM0403Drain & Manhole Covers -Etch21£0.50
NGSM0502Track & Point Roller Gauge10£4.00
NGSR0344Stove Tinsley Red8£16.40
NGSR0429Snowplough – Snow Queen4£15.90
NGSR0444Queen Mary BR Olive 377-875X12£17.00
NGSR0445Queen Mary  Dutch13£17.00
NGSR0450Inns Saloon LMS Unlined20£23.00
NGSR0451Inspec Saloom LMS Crim16£23.00
NGSR0458Inspec Saloon Marron/Blk 374-875R15£23.00
NGSR0459Saloon LMS U/L22£23.00
NGSR0550Collett – Full Choc9£26.00
NGSR0556Collett BlueW141W9£26.00
NGSR0557Collett EnpartsOlive14£26.00
NGSR0562Thomp Crimson&Cream – 374-860V22£24.00
NGSR0563Thomp BR Crimson – 374-860X19£24.00
NGSR0565Thomp BR Blue – 374-860Z10£24.00
NGSR0566Thomp BR Maroon – 374-860Y8£24.00
NGSR0571CarFlat Bauxite – 400U11£29.95
NGSR0572CarFlat BR Blue – 400V54£29.95
NGSR0573CarFlat Motorail – 400W30£29.95
NGSR0574CarFlat Motorail B4 – 400X24£29.95
NGSR0575Carflat Bauxite B4 – 400Y47£29.95
NGSR0576CarFlat Railease – 400Z52£29.95
NGSR060350th Wagon – Simmons18£8.00
NGSR060450th Tanker – Shell15£10.00
NGSR0900St Ives Corn Ex8£9.00
NGSR0901Corn Ex SignsFREE8£0.00
NGST0007Gen Purpose Transfer 6 MMT 186-62£1.00
NGST0010Decals HJO/HJV49£1.00
NGST0060Decals Kit  630£1.00
NGST0080Decals for Kit 830£1.50
NGST0110Decals Seacow30£1.50
NGST0120Decals BDA30£1.50
NGST0121Decals for BDV/W4£1.50
NGST0130Decals Mink Gun30£1.50
NGST0140Decals Kit 1430£1.00
NGST0150Decals for Kit 1530£1.00
NGST0160Decals Kit 1630£1.50
NGST0170Decals Cartic20£2.45
NGST0180Decals Box LMS Van12£2.00
NGST0190Decal BR 21t Hop29£1.00
NGST0200Decals for Kit 2018£1.50
NGST0210Decals for Kit 2122£1.50
NGST0220Decals for Kit 226£2.00
NGST0230Extra Decals for Kit 23 & 2911£0.75
NGST0240Decals for Kit 2430£0.75
NGST0250Decals for Kit 2530£1.00
NGST0260Decals for Kit 267£2.00
NGST0271Decals for Kit 27b3£1.50
NGST0280Decals for Kit 283£10.75
NGST0300Decals for Kit 3026£1.00
NGST0310Decals for Kit 3130£0.50
NGST0320Decals for Kit 324£1.50
NGST0370Decals TTA Kit 3730£3.00
NGST0380Decals for Kit 386£1.50
NGST0390Decals for Kit 395£1.50
NGST0460Decals Bobol Turbot26£1.50
NGST0470Decals Highfit15£1.50
NGST0480Decals LMS GWR Open18£1.50
NGST0490Decals for Kit 4928£1.50
NGST0500Decals for Warwell21£1.50
NGST0501Decal Post 76 Warwell20£1.50
NGST0510Decals Rudd/P1930£1.50
NGST0610Decals for VVV7£1.50
NGST0620Decals for kit 6230£0.25
NGST0630Decals kit 6317£1.50
NGST0640Decals for Kit 645£1.50
NGST0650SR-LSWR 8 Plank Open13£1.50
NGST0660Decals for Kit 6630£1.00
NGST0670Decals for Kit 6717£1.00
NGST0700BR Standard Vans30£1.50
NGST0720British Steel, Original Livery7£3.00
NGST0721British Steel South Wales Blue with Arrow Logo7£3.00
NGST0722Procor/CAIB ARC Livery7£3.00
NGST0723Procor YEOMAN Livery6£4.00
NGST0724CAIB YEOMAN Livery6£3.50
NGST0740Decals for Kit 744£3.50
NGST0750Decals for Kit 7530£2.00
NGST0760Decals for Kit 7630£2.00
NGST0770Decals for Kit 7712£1.75
NGSV0001Scimitar Light Tank10£11.20
NGSV0002Saxon APC14£9.50
NGSV0003Humber Pig9£10.70
NGSV0004Bv206 amphibious vehicle20£14.00
NGSW0010Area Group – Spencer16£11.10
NGSW0020Area Group – MR5£11.10

Hunslet Latest

I am pleased to say that we have recently received Production Samples from the Factory of the Hunslets and these have been reviewed, checked and tested to ensure they meet our requirements now that the new wheel sets have been incorporated.

The good news is that they are exactly what we and you, our members, have expected so we have told the Factory to move to the next stage around completing the production run and getting the shipment and delivery details prepared.

Once we have this latter information from the Factory, and agree with them the shipment process and timelines, we will post another update here on the website and on our social media pages.


Bob Symmons, Treasurer 

Vacancy – Area Groups Co-Ordinator

Our current Area Groups Co-Ordinator, Graham Elliott, has expressed his intention to step down from the role at the time of this year’s Annual General Meeting.

We are therefore in need of someone to take up the responsibilities – especially when we may be seeing (hopefully) some easing or ending of the current restrictions and hence an eventual return to Area Groups being able to resume operations.

The Area Groups Co-ordinator is a member of the Management Committee and will attend Committee Meetings, putting forward items on the Agenda which could affect Area Groups and considering the effect of any Committee proposals on Area Groups.

Other duties and responsibilities include:

  • Advise and encourage members on the formation of Area Groups, provide a “Guidelines to Area Groups” document and authorise reasonable expenses via the Society Treasurer for such things as postage, envelopes and the hall hire fee for the first meeting (receipts are required).
  • Liaise with and maintain records of each group and their membership and ensure that the Society annual support grant is paid to each group who claim.
  • Give assistance / advice to Area Group Leaders/Chairpersons as requested.
  • Request and maintain a list of members of each Area Group including Society membership number and expiry date (usually done in conjunction with annual Grant claims).
  • Receive Newsletters from Area Groups and redistribute interesting items from these to all other Area Groups via the Newsletter.
  • Prepare and submit an article for each issue of the Newsletter (or Journal) for the “Area Groups” page containing information that may be of interest to the general membership of the Society.
  • Advise the Committee (Society Treasurer in particular) of any Area Group which is disbanding (after having tried all avenues to keep the Group alive)
  • Report (to the Committee) any activities of a Group which are thought to not be in the best interests of the Society.
  • Maintain, with the web editor, the Area Groups pages on the NGS website.
  • Leading responses on any questions relating to Area Groups arising on the info@ngaugesociety account or on social media (via the Publicity Officer).

Applications or nominations for this post should be made via email or “snail mail” to the General Secretary.

It remains only for me to thank Graham, on behalf of the rest of the NGS Committee, for his sterling service in this role over the past five years.

Arthur Frost

NGS General Secretary

Hunslet Production Update for Journal 4/21

Bob Symmons and Ben Ando

The Hunslet project is progressing, however as members will understand ongoing issues with Covid and practical difficulties with the wheel sets has meant that production of the models has taken longer than anticipated.

Swapping wheels may seem trivial, but once the thousands of wheels are manufactured and tested for concentricity then every chassis has to be carefully disassembled, then reassembled and tested with any changes to assembly protocols logged, checked and staff trained. And in this case there are thousands of axles involved! Such issues can befall any manufacturer (a recent release by a very well-respected and established international manufacturer was delayed due to an error with the interiors) but unlike most commercially driven businesses the NGS is able to be more transparent about the process and the occasional pitfall!

However, we believe we are in the final straight and production samples are due into the UK any day now (I write this in mid June) – they will be checked and put through their paces to ensure performance is what we expect.

On this basis, the full production run should be completed at about the time you will be reading this update at the end of July so we are getting very close to the shipment point and the requests for balance payments from you that have made the relevant pre-orders. In terms of the shipping difficulties we referred to in the update for journal 2/21, these are still there, but our hope is that we can work with the Factory to get the shipments to us as soon as possible.

Please keep an eye on our social media platforms and the Website for any further updates and please be assured that we are doing everything we can to get these models out to you as soon as we can.

N Gauge Website

The N Gauge Website is undergoing maintenance over the next few weeks. This involves changing the web address away from “newweb” which was always meant to be a temporary expedient. A major update on the software that runs the website will also take place although this may not be obvious to the user. Some links may not work properly during this period. As ever, we are reliant on volunteers for this work who only have limited time available.  We apologise for any inconvenience and hope you will understand the need for maintenance of the site.

Philip Griffin, Chairman

NGS approves Ferry van CAD- two versions to be offered.

The N Gauge Society’s next RTR model – the popular BR Ferryvan – has reached another milestone with the final approval of the CAD drawings.  The model is now ready to go to tooling, and this will proceed once the Treasurer gives authorisation.

Additional detailing – including the truss cross braces and vacuum pipe – has been added to the underside.
Keen-eyed members will also spot that there are variations in the ends; the first batch of wagons built-in 1962 had narrow uprights at each end, but the second and third batches (built from 1964) had reinforcements added from the upper horizontal rib to the buffer beam.  The earlier wagons were subsequently given the same modification and photographic evidence suggests the entire fleet had been modified by 1970.
These are visually quite obvious, so the NGS model is being tooled to ensure both can be depicted.  Final livery selections are yet to be made, but potential options include the original version with “British Railways Ferry Van” lettering, subsequent “Through to the Continent with British Railways” branding and other versions with the BR double arrow and in departmental use.