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Modelmaster Update 6th July

As of 30th June, all orders placed between the 4th and 9th Oct 2020 (60 orders) have been posted.
The remaining 100 orders are being worked through in date order.
Over the last three months, the stock has been sorted and organised into numerical order. This means picking, packing and posting the remaining orders should now proceed at a faster rate.

Vacancy – Area Groups Co-Ordinator

Our current Area Groups Co-Ordinator, Graham Elliott, has expressed his intention to step down from the role at the time of this year’s Annual General Meeting.

We are therefore in need of someone to take up the responsibilities – especially when we may be seeing (hopefully) some easing or ending of the current restrictions and hence an eventual return to Area Groups being able to resume operations.

The Area Groups Co-ordinator is a member of the Management Committee and will attend Committee Meetings, putting forward items on the Agenda which could affect Area Groups and considering the effect of any Committee proposals on Area Groups.

Other duties and responsibilities include:

  • Advise and encourage members on the formation of Area Groups, provide a “Guidelines to Area Groups” document and authorise reasonable expenses via the Society Treasurer for such things as postage, envelopes and the hall hire fee for the first meeting (receipts are required).
  • Liaise with and maintain records of each group and their membership and ensure that the Society annual support grant is paid to each group who claim.
  • Give assistance / advice to Area Group Leaders/Chairpersons as requested.
  • Request and maintain a list of members of each Area Group including Society membership number and expiry date (usually done in conjunction with annual Grant claims).
  • Receive Newsletters from Area Groups and redistribute interesting items from these to all other Area Groups via the Newsletter.
  • Prepare and submit an article for each issue of the Newsletter (or Journal) for the “Area Groups” page containing information that may be of interest to the general membership of the Society.
  • Advise the Committee (Society Treasurer in particular) of any Area Group which is disbanding (after having tried all avenues to keep the Group alive)
  • Report (to the Committee) any activities of a Group which are thought to not be in the best interests of the Society.
  • Maintain, with the web editor, the Area Groups pages on the NGS website.
  • Leading responses on any questions relating to Area Groups arising on the info@ngaugesociety account or on social media (via the Publicity Officer).

Applications or nominations for this post should be made via email or “snail mail” to the General Secretary.

It remains only for me to thank Graham, on behalf of the rest of the NGS Committee, for his sterling service in this role over the past five years.

Arthur Frost

NGS General Secretary

Hunslet Production Update for Journal 4/21

Bob Symmons and Ben Ando

The Hunslet project is progressing, however as members will understand ongoing issues with Covid and practical difficulties with the wheel sets has meant that production of the models has taken longer than anticipated.

Swapping wheels may seem trivial, but once the thousands of wheels are manufactured and tested for concentricity then every chassis has to be carefully disassembled, then reassembled and tested with any changes to assembly protocols logged, checked and staff trained. And in this case there are thousands of axles involved! Such issues can befall any manufacturer (a recent release by a very well-respected and established international manufacturer was delayed due to an error with the interiors) but unlike most commercially driven businesses the NGS is able to be more transparent about the process and the occasional pitfall!

However, we believe we are in the final straight and production samples are due into the UK any day now (I write this in mid June) – they will be checked and put through their paces to ensure performance is what we expect.

On this basis, the full production run should be completed at about the time you will be reading this update at the end of July so we are getting very close to the shipment point and the requests for balance payments from you that have made the relevant pre-orders. In terms of the shipping difficulties we referred to in the update for journal 2/21, these are still there, but our hope is that we can work with the Factory to get the shipments to us as soon as possible.

Please keep an eye on our social media platforms and the Website for any further updates and please be assured that we are doing everything we can to get these models out to you as soon as we can.

N Gauge Website

The N Gauge Website is undergoing maintenance over the next few weeks. This involves changing the web address away from “newweb” which was always meant to be a temporary expedient. A major update on the software that runs the website will also take place although this may not be obvious to the user. Some links may not work properly during this period. As ever, we are reliant on volunteers for this work who only have limited time available.  We apologise for any inconvenience and hope you will understand the need for maintenance of the site.

Philip Griffin, Chairman

NGS approves Ferry van CAD- two versions to be offered.

The N Gauge Society’s next RTR model – the popular BR Ferryvan – has reached another milestone with the final approval of the CAD drawings.  The model is now ready to go to tooling, and this will proceed once the Treasurer gives authorisation.

Additional detailing – including the truss cross braces and vacuum pipe – has been added to the underside.
Keen-eyed members will also spot that there are variations in the ends; the first batch of wagons built-in 1962 had narrow uprights at each end, but the second and third batches (built from 1964) had reinforcements added from the upper horizontal rib to the buffer beam.  The earlier wagons were subsequently given the same modification and photographic evidence suggests the entire fleet had been modified by 1970.
These are visually quite obvious, so the NGS model is being tooled to ensure both can be depicted.  Final livery selections are yet to be made, but potential options include the original version with “British Railways Ferry Van” lettering, subsequent “Through to the Continent with British Railways” branding and other versions with the BR double arrow and in departmental use.