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NGS Shop News Latest

For full details see the NGS Shop News Page

16 Jan 2021 – Order status

Recent order status (excluding ModelMasters orders): For the details see Status of recent shop orders

16 Jan17 orders in hand
12 Jan36 orders posted
06 Jan15 orders posted
04 Jan17 orders posted
21 Dec15 orders posted
16 Dec19 orders posted
For the details of NGS shop orders processed in the last two weeks, see Status of recent shop orders

11 Jan 2021 – Steam era oval buffers back in stock

A new stock of NGSB0202 Buffers – Oval (Steam Era) has arrived at the NGS Shop

08 Jan 2021 – Kit 2 Mink back in stock and new NGS Decals

NGSK0020 Kit 2 GWR Mink Vans are back in stock. Also new decals for kits 20, 64, 75 and 76. See the Shop News page for more details.

07 Jan 2021 – First outing of Kit 35 Auto-ballasters in stock.

See the Shop News page for more details.

05 Jan 2021 – NGS Shop continues during lock-down

Please see the Shop News page for more details.

02 Jan 2021 – More stock updates

End of line items plus stock expected soon, please see the Shop News page.

28 Dec 2020 – Expected stock in new year

For information about expected Kit 2 Mink, new decals for kits 64,75 & 76 and restock of buffers, please see the Shop News page.

17 Dec 2020 – NGST0020 Decals for kit 2 GWR Mink back in stock

12 Dec 2020 – NGST0220 Transfers for kit 22 Shark back in stock

11 Dec 2020 – Arrivals and departures

  • NGSK0760 Kit 76. BR VDA Van (body only) back in stock
  • For information about delays in order deliveries, please see the Shop News page.

03-Dec-2020 : Restock

Decals NGST0180 for kit 18 LMS/BR 12t Box Vans-twin pack (NGSK0180 ) are back in stock.

22-Nov-2020: News from Kit Production

For latest update from our Kit Production Officer, see the NGS Shop News page for more details.

17-Nov-2020: New Scottish Covid-19 restrictions

The higher tier of Covid-19 restrictions announced by the Scottish Government will not impact the service offered by the NGS Shop to its members. See the NGS Shop News page for more details.

17-Nov-2020: Restock

NGSK0121 Kit 12b. BR BDV/BDW Bogie Bolster D (Gloucester bogies) back in stock

9 Nov 2020 – NGS Transfers back in stock

  • NGST00030 Transfers for kit 3 MR Outside Frame van
  • NGST0060 Transfers for kit 6 Loriot
  • NGST0080 Transfers for kit 8 LMS/BR Bogie Bolster D and kit 12d BR BDO Bogie Bolster D
  • NSGT0190 Transfers for kit 19 12T Mineral

5 Nov 2020 – Restock

NGSK0711 Kit 71b ‘Russell’ Coal Container (only) back in stock.

1 Nov 2020 – Covid Lock-down

Members please note that the lastest annuncement of the second phase of Covid lock-down will not impact the NGS Shop – its business as (whatever passes for) usual.

For full details see the NGS Shop News Page

Hunslet Update – One more bump in the road (DECEMBER)

12th December. This is the text of an update which will appear in Newsletter 1/21:

“As we write this in mid December we are still awaiting the first shipment of Production Hunslets to be released from the Factory. You may recall the last update posted on the website, and in the Journal 6/20 Newsletter, highlighted the assembly difficulties the Factory were having, especially with the wheel sets. Unfortunately this continues to be a problem which is made worse by COVID restrictions and loss of skilled staff to larger companies due to the Pandemic. Whilst our Factory is not the only one affected, it continues to be frustrating for us all.

“Our latest communication with the Factory has got into the details of the problems on assembly of the Hunslets and our Designer is now working with the Engineers at the Factory to address the wheel set issues and is hopeful of a speedy resolution to the consistent problems they are having, so that the assembly process will be improved to ensure that more models off of the production line meet the Quality Control requirements we have. Whilst this does mean some positive news on the production side, it does not get us closer to the first shipment date at the moment. Rest assured we will work closely with the Factory to bring the Hunslets to our shores as soon as possible but for now all we can ask of you is your continued patience.”


11th December. Further to the text below, and the item on page 6 of the latest (6/20) Newsletter, we regret that we are still waiting for positive news about delivery and that, therefore, there seems to be no chance of pre-order despatches commencing before the New Year at the earliest.


(First posted 21-Sep-2020)

We had been expecting delivery of the Hunslets very soon but the latest communication we’ve received from the Factory has unfortunately changed this. Two things have conspired to cause this final delay, the first is that the assembly of the production Hunslets is proving to be more challenging than the Factory first thought due to the additional Quality Control processes required, to ensure the previously advised wheel set issues are resolved, and also the complexity of the models themselves. Second is that COVID restrictions and associated resourcing issues from the Pandemic are slowing up the production cycle. (This last point is also affecting deliveries of other models from other manufacturers.)

So with this development, the Factory have committed to a new schedule that means the Hunslets will now be shipped in 3 batches (with specific liveries in each batch) starting with the first scheduled for late October (NB latest info seems to indicate a further delay). Each batch will be airfreighted to the UK so should arrive relatively quickly after despatch from the Factory. As you will recall our intention had been to get one batch delivered from the Factory and ALL pre-orders shipped out by our volunteers as soon as possible before any models would be made available for sale to the membership. This process has to change now due to the 3 batches being delivered with different liveries in each. (We did ask for all pre-orders to be sent first but this was not possible due the detail differences on each model that are required to setup the production lines and effectively lengthening the time to produce). 

The Revised Process.

1.  Members who have pre-ordered one model only: balance requests for the full value of your order (inc p&p) will be sent out after we have confirmation that the batch containing your required livery is on its way/has arrived.  Your model will be despatched to you as soon as possible after receipt of your payment.

2. Members who have pre-ordered two models: balance requests for the full value of your order (inc p&p) will be sent out after we have confirmation that the batch containing either or both of your required liveries is on its way/has arrived.  If in fact your models arrive in separate deliveries, your first model will be despatched as soon as possible after receipt of your payment, and your second model a.s.a.p. thereafter, at no extra charge.

3. Members who have ordered three or more models: balance requests for the full value of your order (inc. p&p) will be sent out after we have confirmation that the batch containing the first of your required liveries is on its way/has arrived.  If, as is likely, your models arrive in separate deliveries, the first item(s) received will be despatched as soon as possible after receipt of your payment, and the balance of your order as soon as the final liveried model is received thereafter, at no extra charge.  If you decide at any stage that you would like the balance of your order in a second and a third package, an extra £4 p&p will be requested, to help to offset additional costs incurred.

The above process will ensure that pre-orders will be despatched, either in whole or in part, as soon as reasonably possible after each shipment arrives. The liveries from each shipment will then go on General sale to all members once the pre-orders relating to that shipment have been dealt with. This is the best way we could find to ensure that those members who have pre-ordered more than one model at least get something to be going on with, if not everything that they have pre-ordered, as soon as possible, rather than waiting for everything to arrive.

Overall whilst disappointed with this final bump in the road, our end goal remains unchanged – to deliver the best possible model to our members with game changing features, excellent performance and all at a very, very competitive price.

Kind Regards,

Bob Symmons
NGS Treasurer

(Sept. 21st)

(Any further queries regarding pre-orders, which are not answered in the above text, should be directed to the Membership Secretary, who is overseeing the pre-order distribution process. To the best of our knowledge at the moment, the first delivery will include the three NCB liveries, the British Steel livery and the ‘Big John’ livery. When we know which liveries will be included in the later deliveries, we will post the information on this website).


As well as on your membership card, your renewal date appears above your name on your journal address sheets, together with your membership number. A reminder is printed on the first page of the newsletter which accompanies each journal, prompting you to check the foregoing.

If your renewal is due, a renewal form is printed on the reverse of the address slip. Alternatively, you can renew your membership online at

Overseas members and journal 3/20

Members resident abroad who are still experiencing postal delays and who would like an interim electronic copy of journal 3/20 pending receipt of their hard copy should email with their request and include their membership number.

A page link and a password will be provided to enable a PDF to be downloaded.  This method will form the basis of  a new system whereby, with effect from journal 4/20, members will be able to receive electronic journal copies online instead of hard copies through the post.  For more information see the E-journal page here.

N Gauge Website

The N Gauge Website is undergoing maintenance over the next few weeks. This involves changing the web address away from “newweb” which was always meant to be a temporary expedient. A major update on the software that runs the website will also take place although this may not be obvious to the user. Some links may not work properly during this period. As ever, we are reliant on volunteers for this work who only have limited time available.  We apologise for any inconvenience and hope you will understand the need for maintenance of the site.

Philip Griffin, Chairman

NGS approves Ferry van CAD- two versions to be offered.

The N Gauge Society’s next RTR model – the popular BR Ferryvan – has reached another milestone with the final approval of the CAD drawings.  The model is now ready to go to tooling, and this will proceed once the Treasurer gives authorisation.

Additional detailing – including the truss cross braces and vacuum pipe – has been added to the underside.
Keen-eyed members will also spot that there are variations in the ends; the first batch of wagons built-in 1962 had narrow uprights at each end, but the second and third batches (built from 1964) had reinforcements added from the upper horizontal rib to the buffer beam.  The earlier wagons were subsequently given the same modification and photographic evidence suggests the entire fleet had been modified by 1970.
These are visually quite obvious, so the NGS model is being tooled to ensure both can be depicted.  Final livery selections are yet to be made, but potential options include the original version with “British Railways Ferry Van” lettering, subsequent “Through to the Continent with British Railways” branding and other versions with the BR double arrow and in departmental use.