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Hunslet Latest

I am pleased to say that we have recently received Production Samples from the Factory of the Hunslets and these have been reviewed, checked and tested to ensure they meet our requirements now that the new wheel sets have been incorporated.

The good news is that they are exactly what we and you, our members, have expected so we have told the Factory to move to the next stage around completing the production run and getting the shipment and delivery details prepared.

Once we have this latter information from the Factory, and agree with them the shipment process and timelines, we will post another update here on the website and on our social media pages.


Bob Symmons, Treasurer 

Hunslet Production Update for Journal 4/21

Bob Symmons and Ben Ando

The Hunslet project is progressing, however as members will understand ongoing issues with Covid and practical difficulties with the wheel sets has meant that production of the models has taken longer than anticipated.

Swapping wheels may seem trivial, but once the thousands of wheels are manufactured and tested for concentricity then every chassis has to be carefully disassembled, then reassembled and tested with any changes to assembly protocols logged, checked and staff trained. And in this case there are thousands of axles involved! Such issues can befall any manufacturer (a recent release by a very well-respected and established international manufacturer was delayed due to an error with the interiors) but unlike most commercially driven businesses the NGS is able to be more transparent about the process and the occasional pitfall!

However, we believe we are in the final straight and production samples are due into the UK any day now (I write this in mid June) – they will be checked and put through their paces to ensure performance is what we expect.

On this basis, the full production run should be completed at about the time you will be reading this update at the end of July so we are getting very close to the shipment point and the requests for balance payments from you that have made the relevant pre-orders. In terms of the shipping difficulties we referred to in the update for journal 2/21, these are still there, but our hope is that we can work with the Factory to get the shipments to us as soon as possible.

Please keep an eye on our social media platforms and the Website for any further updates and please be assured that we are doing everything we can to get these models out to you as soon as we can.