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Latest news on ModelMaster transfer and nameplate orders

We are deeply indebted to the member who has volunteered to take over responsibility for the Modelmaster items.

Stocks have now been transferred to him. Once he has finished checking what is in which box of the large number involved, and sorted them into sequence, despatch of the backlog of orders can commence. And when they have been cleared, the online ordering facility will be re-opened.

Once again, apologies to the members involved for the delay, and thanks for your patience!

Latest Journal

Our journal 2/21 (Mar/Apr) mailing was handed to Royal Mail by our distributors on Wednesday (24th March). Apparently however, due to a technical hitch, it didn’t get into the system until Thursday.

For those members who have registered for e-journals instead of hard copies, it will be possible to submit requests for the links at
from midday GMT Friday (26th March).

Members who have not registered for e-journals but who would nevertheless like to obtain a copy can also submit requests for the links for which they will be required to pay a token sum of £1.00.

UK Members and E-journals

Society members resident in the UK who, on renewing their membership, opt to receive their journals in electronic format (instead of hard copies by post), or who are already receiving their journals in that format, will have their new membership period extended by two months in respect of a 1-year application, or by six months for 3 years.

This arrangement will apply with effect from the introduction of the E-journal facility (i.e. journal 4/20).  Amended renewal dates for qualifying members who have renewed since then, or who still have full years to run in their current membership period, will be confirmed in the next journal links email.

For the avoidance of doubt, please note that a member opting for E-journals midway through his/her membership period will only receive the extension in respect of full years outstanding.

Modelmaster Transfers & Etched Number/Name Plates – back on the transfer list!

At long last, after sterling work by Phil Holman in sorting them out, we are now, again, in the position to be able to make the stocks of MMT items that the Society holds, available for purchase by members.  Listings and prices appear on the Society Membership/Shop site at, from where orders can be placed.

Prices for these items have been reduced from previous levels, and will also include p&p. (However, especially for large orders, a p&p payment to offset costs will be accepted with gratitude!).  Phil has kindly offered to look after the supply to members of these items, which means that they will not be despatched from the same location as NGS products.  For this reason, we would ask that members submit MMT orders separately from NGS orders, to simplify administration procedures.

There are some MMT decals which were specifically produced for Society kits, and others which contain markings that can be used with our kits.  Where such instances occur, a note to the effect will be included on the relevant kit page, with a link to the MMT category which includes the item.  If, in such cases, an order combines the kits and the decals, we will live with it!

As members will probably be aware, ModelMaster have withdrawn from the N Gauge market.  Moreover, thanks to the good offices of Noel Leaver, the Society’s decals Officer, we are steadily increasing our own range of decal sheets suitable for Society kits.  So, as far as MMT items are concerned, once they’re gone, they’re gone!


The AGM was due to be held on 18th July at Hermitage in Berkshire together with a Convention. Due to the requirement of social distancing, and that many members and exhibitors are over 70, it would be impossible to have a Convention. Although less so for an AGM where members could sit apart from each other, the committee also decided to cancel the venue for the AGM and are currently deciding how the AGM should be held. Keep an eye on the news on this website