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For freight stock in particular, it was normal for trains to consist of wagons and vans both from a variety of eras, and from a variety of companies / regions.  For example, if you are modelling an ex-LNER line as run by BR in the 50s, not only would there typically be a significant number of LNER wagons around, as well as BR, but there would also probably be numerous wagons from the other grouping companies, too.  Take a good look at a few photo albums, or search the internet for your chosen area, and look carefully at the freight trains.  You’ll probably find a surprising number of  “foreigners”.  Then look through the list below, and add a bit of variety to your layout!  (For ease of reference, the British modelling ‘Eras’ table is shown at the bottom of this page.)

They’re for beginners and experts!

Our early offerings were simple body kits, designed to fit the excellent Peco chassis, giving members a quick project, and a useful introduction to wagon building.  Over the years we have both expanded the number of wagons available with this straightforward approach, and also branched out with items like etched detail, our own range of accurate bogies and even ready to run (RTR) models.  Recent innovations have included self-coloured bodies and the increasing availability of custom decal sheets.  All NGS kits include the appropriate wheels and chassis or bogies.

Some kits have alternate details included, so one model can be produced in a choice of one of several different designs, while some kits include enough parts to produce two different models from the one kit.  One kit even permits the more adventurous to produce three complete and different models from one kit!

As well as developing new kits, we are also upgrading our existing range, with an active program of producing custom transfers for older kits, especially where suitable transfers are not easily available from specialist suppliers.  We are also re-tooling some models to add further variants, or to improve accuracy, for example with new bogies.

If you have not yet “taken the plunge” with a wagon kit, you might find the article  published in our N Gauge Journal issue 3/18, page 20, to be helpful.  Although it charts the progress with the BR Vanwide van kit (NGSK0610), the construction of most of our 4-wheeled wagons is not dissimilar.

Quality and comprehensive instructions

It is not enough that a kit is designed well, or even that the parts fit together and are accurate.  What really counts is whether you can complete your chosen model successfully.  Anyone who has ever tried to assemble a kit of any type will know that the key to that is the instructions.  Over the quarter of a century that we have been developing our range, we have put a lot of work and experience into ensuring that our instructions are among the best in the hobby.

As well as blow-by-blow accounts of the construction process, our current standard instructions cover both painting and transfer details for a variety of liveries, along with a potted history of the prototype.  Many instructions also give suggestions for variations that modellers might like to explore, ranging from simple additions / changes, to more advanced surgery.

As an example, click the link below to view the Instructions for NGK036 Shock Van and Shock Open.  Note that this is a fairly large PDF file (1M) so you may need a little patience for it to load.  It will open in a new window, so you will not lose your place on this page.

View example NGS Sample Kit Building Instructions

# Ref Wagon / van Description Era
1 NGSK0010 BR Hopper Wagon HJO/HJV The plastic body is easily assembled and is a direct fit on the Peco 10ft steel solebar chassis provided. 4-7
2 NGSK0020 GWR/BR Mink “C” Van Another easy to assemble plastic body with a Parkside Dundas 12ft chassis. 2-5
3 NGSK0030 MR/LMS/BR Outside Framed Van A plastic body that fits onto a Peco 10ft wooden solebar chassis. Minor modifications are required to the chassis. 2-4
4 NGSK0040 SR/BR “Sealion” Bogie Ballast Hopper (discontinued) An etched brass kit and a challenge to build. (See kit 11 for a similar kit in plastic). 6-9
5 NGSK0050 SR/BR Bogie Guards Van (discontinued) Another etched brass kit for the serious enthusiast. (See RTR 44). 3-9
6 NGSK0060 GWR/BR “Loriot” An easy to assemble kit that provides a different shape in your rake of wagons. 2-5
7 NGSK0070 LMS 16T & 20T Goods Brake Vans (discontinued) A double pack of etched brass parts making accurate models of two different LMS Brake Vans. (RTR versions since produced by Bachmann-Farish). 2-5
8 NGSK0080 LMS/BR Bogie Bolster D Simple to build – bogies provided to make an impressive model. 4-7
9a NGSK0090 BR Polybulk Covered Hopper Wagon One kit and a choice of liveries. Injection moulded plastic body with etched brass fittings and accurate Y25c bogies. Full colour body overlays mean painting is limited to just the basic body colour. 8-9
9b NGSK0091 Scottish Malt Distillers Polybulk As 0090, but in a different livery. 8-9
10 NGSK0100 GWR/BR Mica Meat Van A user-friendly, all plastic kit with a choice of variants, fitting onto the Peco 10ft chassis provided. 2-4
11 NGSK0110 BR “Seacow” Bogie Ballast Hopper Similar to kit 4 but easier to build with plastic body and brass etched handrails, steps and handwheels. 7-9
12a NGSK0120 BR Bogie Bolster D BDA A more modern version of kit 8; rebuilt 1977-81 with Y25 bogies and Oleo brass buffers. 5-9
BR Bogie Bolster D BDV/BDW Two variants of the above wagon, one built with Davis & Lloyd bogies (the kit has Gloucester bogies which are visually almost identical), and one which ran on and is therefore supplied with Plateback bogies. 5-9
12d NGSK0123 BR Bogie Bolster D BDO The commonest version of the Bogie Bolster D, built 1951 to 1957 with plateback bogies.  Most were rebuilt 1977-81 (see kit 12a). 4-7
13 NGSK0130 GWR/BR Iron Mink or Gunpowder Van A choice of wagon using the Peco 9ft steel chassis. Plastic body means simple assembly. 2-6
14 NGSK0140 LNER/BR 8-plank Mineral Wagon A straightforward kit to build. If required, Private Owner transfers are available from the Society Shop. 3-5
15 NGSK0150 LMS/BR “Trestrol” Bogie Well Wagon Reasonably easy to build; lends itself to “kit bashing” to produce other, shorter, versions. 4-6
16 NGSK0160 BR 21T Hopper Wagon HTO/HTV The common BR 21T coal hopper on a Parkside Dundas 12ft chassis. Includes additional etch with handrails and other detail available. 4-7
BR “Cartic 4” Articulated Car Carrier
This kit builds into four articulated wagons. It comes in three varieties:- original open sided (era 5-9), mesh screen sides (era 7-9), and plated sides with roof (era 8-9) 5-9
18 NGSK0180 LMS/BR 12T Box Vans Supplied with both a 9ft and a 10ft wheelbase chassis, this kit allows the building of two vans with alternative ventilated or non-ventilated versions. 3-6
19 NGSK0190 BR 21T Mineral Wagon A plastic kit on a Parkside Dundas 12ft chassis. 4-7
20 NGSK0200 BR 25T “Anhydrite” Hopper Wagon Used by the chemical industry, this kit runs on a Peco 10ft steel chassis provided. 4-7
21 NGSK0210 SR/BR 12T Box Vans Twin pack plastic kit to build any two of three variants on 10ft chassis. Features the distinctive Southern elliptical roof. 3-5
22 NGSK0220 BR “Shark” Ballast Plough Brake Van Ideal companion to the “Seacow” wagon. A plastic kit with white metal and etched brass details. 4-9
23 NGSK0230 LMS/RCH 12T Open Wagon An easy to build plastic kit on a 9ft chassis producing an accurate Private Owner wagon. 3-6
24 NGSK0240 BR Standard Horsebox The first Society kit to feature integral flush glazing, the model also allows the doors to be posed in the open position. 4-6
25 NGSK0250 BR 16T Mineral Wagon (discontinued) A resin body on a 10ft chassis. Transfers included making this a simple, complete kit. (Several kit or r-t-r versions of this wagon or similar are now produced by other manufacturers and suppliers). 7-8
26 NGSK0260 GWR Planked, Plywood & MOGO Vans Another multiple kit which builds two vans in any of four different variants, either a plain van with planked or plywood sides or a MOGO car carrier with plain or plywood sides. 3-6
27a NGSK0270 BR “Salmon” Engineers Wagon Features one-piece Plateback bogies with a finely detailed body and etched details. Crane detailing kit available separately. 4-9
27b NGSK0271 YSA/YWA “Salmon” post-1998 A later version of this wagon built with more modern bogies (represented by almost identical Gloucester bogies) for faster running. 9
28 NGSK0280 RMC JGA Bogie Hopper This kit builds one of a choice of three variants. Moulded body in self-coloured orange plastic with etched details. 8-9
29 NGSK0290 7 Plank Private Owner Beginner’s kit using Peco 10ft chassis. Several liveries. 2-3
30 NGSK0300 Gresley D113 Full Brake The first Society coach kit. Gresley 8ft bogies included. 4-7
31 NGSK0310 BR Weltrol Moulded plastic kit with 5ft 6in plateback bogies included. 5-9
32 NGSK0320 GWR Macaw B Laser cut wood kit includes brass etches and 5ft 6in plateback bogies. 2-5
33 NGSK0330 Railtrack PNA Wagon Twin pack making two separate variants. Bodies moulded in self-coloured plastic – no painting. 9
34 NGSR0340-
LMS Stove R 6-wheeled Brake Ready-to-run 6-wheeled wagon produced in several different liveries. 3-6
35 NGSK0350-
KPA Hopper, JJA / HQA Autoballaster Plastic kit with brass details. Can be built as Inner or Generator wagon. Four differently liveried varieties available. 8,9
36 NGSK0360 BR Shock Wagons – Open & Van Twin pack plastic kit using Peco 10ft chassis, including two van options. 4-7
37 NGSK0370 TTA Chemical Tanker This kit uses smaller diameter barrels than the more common Farish TTA wagon it is based on, and which is used as a chassis donor. A moulded brick bund is included to enable the spare tank to be used as a static fuel tank. 7-9
38 NGSK0380 BR Borail An ex-Parkwood Models kit. Includes 8ft plateback bogies. 5-7
39 NGSK0390 BR Mullet Another ex-Parkwood Models kit, supplied with Y25 bogies. 7-9
40a NGSR0400 Taunton Livery Ferrywagon Ready-to-run model produced by Dapol in custom livery for NGS 40th Anniversary 7-8
40b NGSR0401 Blue Cargowaggon Livery Ready-to-run model produced by Dapol in custom livery for NGS 40th Anniversary 8-9
42 NGSR0421-
BR Independent Snowplough Ready-to-run vehicle produced in several different liveries. 5-9
43 NGSK0430 BR Osprey Track Panel Wagon A development of the Salmon wagon  with added frames and stanchions. (Conversion kit for use with NGSK0271). 9
44 NGSR0441-
SR/BR Queen Mary Brake Van Ready-to-run brake van produced in several different liveries. 3-9
45 NGSR0451-
LMS/BR 50ft Inspection Saloon Ready-to-run inspection saloon in eight different liveries from LMS to EWS, produced for NGS 45th Anniversary. 3-9
46 NGSK0460 Bobol E/YCV Turbot ‘Either/or’ plastic kit which builds into either wagon using the same floor moulding and bogies. 5-7, 7-9
47 NGSK0470 BR(Ex-LMS/LNER) Highfit Twin Pack Twin pack ex-Parkwood Models kits making two separate variants. 4-7
48 NGSK0480 LMS/GWR Open Wagon Twin pack plastic kit using Peco 10ft chassis making two separate variants. 3-7
49 NGSK0490 WD Warflat Ex Parkwood Models kit depicting fishbelly warflat design used from WW2 to mid 1970s. Supplied with diamond frame bogies. 3-7
50a NGSK0500 WD Warwell Ex Parkwood Models kit representing type used from WW2 to mid 1970s. Supplied with diamond frame bogies. 3-7
50b NGSK0501 Warwell (post 1976) In the late 1970s these wagons were all re-bogied and refurbished. Supplied with Gloucester GP22.5 bogies. 7-9
51 NGSK0510 GWR P19/BR Rudd Ballast Wagon Ex Parkwood Models kit with alternative ends so that either the GWR P19 wagon or the BR Rudd (or Ling or Tunny) wagon can be built. 3-5, 8-9
52 NGSK0520 Macaw C/Borail C 70ft long bogie bolster wagon built by GWR. Laser cut wood kit includes brass etches and 5ft 6in plateback bogies. 2-5
53 NGSK0530 Gane A/Macaw J/Borail F GWR’s standard rail carrying wagon, perpetuated by BR into the 1980s. Laser cut wood kit. 3-7




KSA Rover ‘Cube’ Wagon
KSA NACCO Timber Wagon
These wagons were originally built as vans for car parts (kit 0540), but many have since been converted to timber carriers (kit 0541). 9
55 NGSR0551-
GWR Collett BG Ready-to-run model of 57′ BG coach introduced by GWR in the 30s and lasting into the 90s, produced in several liveries. 3-8
56 NGSR0561-
Thompson BG Ready-to-run model of 63′ BG coach first produced for LNER in the late 40s and then for BR and lasting into the 70s, produced in several liveries. 3-7
57 NGSR0571-
BR Carflat A Ready-to-run models (6 liveries) of wagons in use from the 50s to the 90s. 5-8
58 NGSK0580 Warflat (post 1976) Wagons built for the MoD in 1976 and 1981.  Injection moulded plastic body, cast metal underframe for weight, one-piece plastic bogies with NEM couplers & etched detail parts. 7-9
59 NGSR0591-
Hunslet Industrial
0-6-0 Shunter
The Society’s first powered ready-to-run offering. Many of these locos built from the 1960s onwards and used in many industrial locations.  Fifteen liveries plus undecorated. 5-9
60 NGSR0601-
50th Anniversary Peco Wagons Five  ready-to-run wagons specially produced for us by Peco to mark our anniversary. Vrs
61 NGSK 0610 BR Vanwide Van Ex Parkwood Models kit of a distinctive BR designed van with wide-opening doors to cater for palletised loads and forklift trucks. 5-8
62 NGSK0620 BR A & BD type Containers Ex Parkwood Models kit.  Standard small and large containers; for use as wagon loads or as scenic detail. 4-6
63 NGSK0630 BR Palvan/Medfit Ex Parkwood Models kit.  Twin pack comprising distinctive van with doors at one end and a medium goods open with a single drop door. 5-7
64 NGSK0640 BR Sand Tippler / Coil J Ex Parkwood kit.  Twin pack of two all steel wagons without doors, one for sand/ballast, one for rolled steel. 5-7
65 NGSK0650 SR 8 Plank Open Wagon Ex Parkwood Models kit.  8 plank open wagon with cupboard doors above the normal side door, used for goods and coal traffic. 5-7
66 NGSK0660 BR Lowfit/Twin Bolster Ex Parkwood Models kit.  Twin pack builds either two BR Lowfit wagons, or a permanently coupled Twin Bolster pair of wagons. 4-7
67 NGSK0670 LNER 12T Vans Ex Parkwood Models kit.  Twin pack, builds two vans, one with planked sides and one with ply. 3-7
68 NGSK0680 POA/PNA ‘Tiger’ Open Ex TPM kit.  Aggregate or scrap carrying wagon. 8-9
69 NGSK0690 ZKA ‘Limpet’ Ex TPM kit.  Spoil wagon. 8-9
70 NGSK0700 BR Standard Vans Ex Parkwood Models kit.  Twin pack building two vans. 4-7




FPA Wagon + ‘Russell’ Coal Container Ex TPM kit.  Kit 71a is chassis plus container, 71b is container only 8-9
72 NGSK0720 PTA/JTA/JUA Bogie Iron Ore Tippler Ex TPM kit.  This kit is made available in packs of five, in line with the minimum rake in which the wagons normally ran. 7-9
73 NGSR0730 BR Ferryvan VIX Ready-to-run – liveries and availability TBA. 5-8
74 NGSK0740 BR China Clay Wagon Ex Parkwood Models kit. 4-7
75 NGSK0750 BR VCA Van Ex TPM kit – to convert a Farish VBA van. 7-8
76 NGSK0760 BR VDA Van Ex TPM kit – to convert a Farish VBA van. 7-8
77 NGSK0771-
LNER-BR Boplate Ex Parkwood Models kit.  Three variants – LNER/BR Unfitted with Diamond Frame bogies (3-7), BR Vacuum Fitted with Plateback bogies (5-8), BR Air Braked with Y25 bogies (7-8). 3-8

British modelling ‘Eras’ table

As proposed and published by Bachmann Industries

Era 1.      1804-1875 Pioneering

Era 2.      1875-1922 Pre-Grouping

Era 3.      1923-1947 The Big Four – LMS, GWR, LNER & SR

Era 4.      1948-1956 BR Steam Era (Early Crest)

Era 5.      1957-1966 BR (Late Crest)

Era 6.      1967-1971 BR Corporate Pre-TOPS

Era 7.      1971-1982 BR Corporate Blue Post-TOPS

Era 8.      1982-1994 BR Sectorisation

Era 9.      1995 onwards Post Privatisation

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