Journal Publication Dates

Journal Publication Dates

This page is maintained by the Membership Secretary to give members an indication as to when they can expect their journal to be delivered.  (N.B. Information shown on this page may be subject to change without notice.)

Journal Number Target Dispatch
Address Lists
to Distributor**
Actual Dispatch
2/20 End March 2020 19 Mar 20 Mar
3/20 End May 2020 16 May 19 May
4/20 End July 2020 18 July 22 July
5/20 End September 2020
6/20 End November 2020
1/21 End January 2021
**optional Late Renewal Fee applies from this date – see below

Target Dispatch Dates

Our aim is to complete the journal and have it printed and distributed at the end of the first month indicated on the cover – which is every ‘odd’ month. So for example the first edition of each year is the ‘January/February’ issue and we will endeavour to get it produced and sent out in the last week of January.

However, please bear in mind that although that we will do our best to adhere to these plans there are always a number of
factors that can influence exactly when it is sent out and when it will actually drop though members’ letterboxes. The print run is subject to the printers’ own schedules and when they have available slots in their workload. Plus, of course, once it is packed and put in the post, the delivery is then at the mercy of the postal system and we cannot guarantee exactly when it will arrive.

The above table will keep you updated on the latest information regarding the scheduled dates for each issue. Please be
patient and allow time for delivery before contacting anyone. If you have not received your copy after a reasonable period has elapsed after the ‘actual dispatch date’  to allow for delivery, then please contact the Membership Secretary.

Thank you for your consideration.

…………LATE RENEWAL FEE (UK £1.50, Eur £2.50, RoW £3.50) (w.e.f. Journal 2/13)
If you are late sending in your membership renewal and miss the bulk distribution process of your next journal, the Society
incurs extra expense because of the difference in cost between sending you your copy by ordinary mail as opposed to our
distribution contract with Royal Mail. With the cost of reminders added in, it was calculated that the annual cost incurred in
servicing late renewers was approaching £1,000 and rising.
The Committee therefore agreed to the re-introduction of a Late Renewal Fee. This is due in respect of any renewal which misses the next journal distribution process as outlined above. However, in order to avoid administration difficulties, the
difference this time is that the fee will be optional, but, if not paid, will result in the reduction by one month of the member’s next membership period.
The fee (£1.50 for UK members, £2.50 for those in Europe and £3.50 for those in all other countries) was introduced with
effect from the distribution of Journal 2/13. If you require further clarification of the foregoing, please contact the Membership Secretary. In the meantime, if your renewal is submitted promptly, you will not be affected, so don’t delay!

If you renew having missed a journal, you will receive a copy with your new card, and your membership period will be backdated in accordance with the above Late Renewal Fee payment conditions.  However, if you have missed more than one issue, only the most recent journal will be sent with your new card (but see note * below) and your next renewal date will be set
accordingly, again having regard to whether or not the Late Renewal Fee has been paid.  For details of how to obtain copies of back journals, see here.
(*For UK members only, up to two missed issues will be supplied.)