Classified Sales & Wants and Events Diary

Classified Sales and Wants adverts and an Events Diary are published in each issue of the Newsletter. Please note the following important points for submissions to both the classified ‘Events Diary’ and ‘Sales & Wants’ sections:

  • Entries for the classified sections are provided free of charge for bona fide members of the N Gauge Society only.
  • The deadline for submissions is two days before the usual Journal copy deadline (published on page three of the Journal). Therefore, if for the next issue of the Journal/Newsletter the usual copy deadline is the 28th of a month then the classifieds deadline is 26th of that month. Late submissions will be held over until the following issue.
  • Entries should be sent to Richard Hance  at postal address: Maycroft, Castlehaven Lane, Niton, Ventnor, Isle of Wight PO38 2NB or by email:
  • Please remember that not all members have internet or email access, so it is helpful, and will appeal to more members, if you include a telephone number and/or a postal address with your classified advert.

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