The Journal and Newsletter

As a member of the N Gauge Society you will receive the Journal and the Newsletter, as below, every other month, direct to your address.  Alternatively, members may opt to receive the Journal and Newsletter electronically in a combined pdf – see E-journals page.

The N Gauge Journal

The ‘N Gauge Journal’ is a full colour A5 sized magazine style booklet consisting of around 88 pages, that is an indispensable and essential read for members.

Its aims are to encourage and support railway modelling in general and N gauge modellers in particular. We try to include a wide range of articles, from basic simple type suitable for the beginners, right up to the more complex for the most fastidious and enthusiastic modeller, so that the journal is `inclusive` for all members. It aims to be inspirational, instructive and supported with photographs, plans and diagrams.

The contents include articles and features about N gauge railway modelling such as:

  • Reviews and reports of new products
  • Articles about member’s layouts and model projects
  • Features on prototype subjects and their modelling options
  • `How to` undertake various modelling projects
  • Hints, tips and skills technique advice
  • Letters about modelling issues and comments on articles
  • A limited selection of relevant trade adverts

(For an introductory pack and free sample journal, send £1.50 (£2.50 overseas) to: N Gauge Society Dept. W,
52 Gainsborough Road, WALLASEY,  CH45 8PT.)

Reports of missing or damaged copies of the Journal for the current/recent issue should be made to the Membership Secretary

The N Gauge Newsletter

This is an A5 sized monochrome publication that is basically the business supplement of the N Gauge Society. A copy is sent out with each issue of the Journal. It contains details of the current time dependant information about Society matters and services such as:

  • Society news and announcements
  • Area Group reports and contacts
  • Society Shop news
  • An events diary
  • Members classified sales and wants adverts
  • A prize competition for members
  • Committee meeting minutes and officers reports
  • Society Services list and contacts
  • Letters about Society issues

Other Publications

These are publications produced by the N Gauge Society, usually circulated to members with the Journal, and then offered for sale thereafter.

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