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Updated by Adrian Cotterill, NGS Shop Manager,

31-Mar-2021: Mine’s a lamb sandwich.

March, it is said, comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb (old British weather-lore). Well my March came in and went out like a lion with a bit of lamb in the middle. It started with the usual volume of orders experienced since last March and then suddenly went quiet. I ACTUALLY HAD TIME TO DO SOME MODELLING! Then just I was getting used to the slower pace of life, wham, back came the orders in droves in the last week of the month. Let us hope April brings showers of Hunslets!

I am intending to take a big batch of orders to the post office tomorrow. For those waiting, be aware the Easter weekend is upon us and will add a couple of days further delays.

30-Mar-2021: Spam, glorious Spam!

No, not the return of Monty Python (regrettably) but rather those pesky unwanted emails that the Shop email account gets a lot of, but nearly all are filtered away into a Spam folder. Unfortunately for no apparent reason, a number of perfectly valid emails have been filtered away as Spam recently rather than go into my inbox. I have just had a clear out, responded to the valid emails and ‘white-listed’ them so they will not get blocked in future. So apologies to anyone for a delayed response and I will keep a more frequent check on the spam folder going forward to catch any strays in good time.

27-Mar-2021: Notice for kit 58 War-flat owners

Members who have previously bought kit 58 (NGSK0580) Modern Warflat may have noticed that for some builds, the supplied transfer sheet is short of a couple of decals. The current transfers sheets only have four decals with the lettering ‘Handbrake Release Both Ends’ – two in yellow, two in white.

However there should be four of each colour. We have therefore produced a correction sheet with just the missing two yellow and two white ‘Handbrake Release Both Ends’ decals on it – its about the size of half a postage stamp. Any members who have previously purchased kit 58 and require the additional decals, please contact the NGS Shop Manager at

21-Mar-2021: Beginner’s luck.

Members may know that in order to entice the wary into the techniques of kit building, we offer Kit 29 Private Owners wagon as a safe and easy step into the dark art. The kit comes with a complete body-shell and a chassis kit that needs just a little black paint and a private owner’s decal to go on each side. We offer the kit with a range of decals of traders from across the UK. A few of these decals are now starting to sell out so we have extended the range with four new variants. These are:

  • NGSK029B A. Goodall & Co Ltd., Birmingham
  • NGSK029C Coalpit Heath Coal Co., Coalpit
  • NGSK029D Cawoods, Leeds
  • NGSK029E James Cropper & Co Ltd, Kendal

The full range of Private Owner wagon kit 29s can be seen at Kit 29 7-plank Private Owner various liveries ( for the knock-down price of £5 each.

16-Mar-2021: Limpets stick on minerals?

Possibly… but meanwhile we have some stick-ons back in stock. Decals for kit 68Tiger/Limpet available at NGST0630 Decals for kit 63 NGSK0630 ( @£1.50 and for kit 14 LNER/BR 8-plank Mineral Wagon available at NGST0140 Decals for kit 14 NGSK0140 ( @£1.00.

10-Mar-2021: Seacows quick, or no-see-cows

Sorry – all gone!

A small quantity of NGSK0110 Kit 11 BR Seacow Bogie Ballast Hopper wagon kits swam in today. The quantity is limited by the number of wheel sets that Kit Production could gather together to get these hot items out. Experiences shows that these will only be around for a day or two – if not hour or two – so if you want some, get the trawler out: Kit 11 BR Seacow Bogie Ballast Hopper NGSK0110 ( @ £16.65

Note that in some of this batch of kits, the etch is malformed, in which case two etches have been included to ensure you receive all the parts.

08-Mar-2021: Arrived and arriving.

 Four boxes recently arrived (with a few gems, see NGS Shop – Stock arrivals | The N Gauge Society) including a restock of

Also news that a delivery of 3-hole disk wheels is expected shortly which means that kit production can resume on some of the bogied kits.

01-Mar-2021: March – of the Open wagons

New month, new batch of open wagons kits. A replenishment of:

01-Mar-2021: February – Short on days, long on hours

The shortest month of the year is usually one of the quietest ones for the NGS Shop. Not this year! A total of 191 orders received in the month, a whopping 133% increase on last February’s count of 82. It was the busiest month in my tenure since the spring of 2018 when the carf-flats first went on sale.

01-Mar-2021: February – Short on wheels, long on reamers

As reported below (17th Feb) we are now starting to see real impact on NGS kit stocks by the industry-wide shortage of scale wheels. This affects nearly every wagon kit except those using Peco chassis kits. Although Kit Production is preparing packs of kits for the shop, these cannot ship until new supplies of wheels arrive. Please bear with us until new supplies can be obtained. The increase in orders mentioned above was driven in part by the sale of the new NGS Bearing Reamers – released on 4th Feb.  Since then about 100 packs have been sold – well above my expectation. There are plenty left yet though at £8.00 per pair (NGSB0400) at NGS Axle Box Reamers NGSB0400 (

27-Feb-2021: Coming down the line.

News from our valiant kit packer is that a batch consisting of Kit 23 and Kit 29 Private Owner wagons and Kit 14 LNER /BR 8 Plank Mineral wagon kits – all currently out of stock – are on the way to the shop. Should be available by middle of next week.

Top-up of kit 62 BR A & BD Type Containers and kit 70 BR Standard Vans will follow. Parts are being amassed for a new batch of Kit 11 Seacow kits, but this is being hampered by the shortage of wheels as reported earlier.

24-Feb-2021: More new transfers than the premier league

A load of transfer sheets arrived today, the majority of them the first release of new decals for NGS kits:

  •  NGST0120 Decals for NGSK0120 Kit 12a Bogie Bolster @ £1.50
  • NEW – NGST0240 NGSK0240 Kit 24 BR Standard Horsebox @ 75p
  • NEW – NGST0310 Decals for NGSK0310 Kit 31 BR Weltrol @ 50p
  • NEW – NGST0670 Decals for NGSK0670 Kit 67 LNER Vans @ £1.00
  • NEW – NGST0700 Decals for NGSK0700 Kit 70 BR Standard Van @ £1.50
  • NEW – NGST0740 Decals for NGSK0740 Kit 74 China Clay Wagons @ £1.50
  • NEW – NGST0770 Decals for NGSK0771/2/3 Kit 77a/b/c. LNER-BR Boplate versions @ £1.75

Get stuck in and stick on!

24-Feb-2021: Parrot food back on sale

For those of you wanting Polybulk Grainflow hoppers (NGSK0090 Kit 9a), these are now back in shop and on sale at £13.75. Also a small batch of etches: NGSK0151 Kit 15 extra – Frames for Trestrol Wagon

17-feb-2021: No wheels on my wagon

News from the NGS Kit Production Officer is that there is a general shortage of scale wheel/axles at the moment. This is delaying the re-stocking of some NGS kits and the replenishment of the NGSB0300 4 axle 6.2mm wheel sets

17-feb-2021: The train arrived…

Is a consignment of 18x NGSK0280 Kit 28 RMC JGA Hopper wagon kits. These tend to be eagerly snapped up, so hop on board quickly before they depart.

15-Feb-2021: The train departing…

Was the up mail special – The local post office is back in operation and a back-log of 42 orders have been dispatched today. Enjoy!

13-Feb-2021: The next train arriving…

Will contain a consignment of the popular NGSK0280 Kit 28 RMC JGA Hopper wagon kits. All being well these should be in the NGS Shop by the end of next week. The following train will consist of NGSK0090 Kit 9a. BR Polybulk Grainflow Hoppers. My Works Dispatcher also informs me that a trainload of the eagerly awaited NGSK0110 Kit 11 Seacow are being marshalled, pending arrival of some vital components. A few things to look forward to there!

12-Feb-2021: Snow goes slow, but no go at P.O.

(must get my application in to “The Sun” as a head-line writer)

We made a slow and difficult walk to the Post Office this morning with a batch orders, but on arrival found the shop was closed – no reason why. Some of the ‘thin’ parcels (eg Reamers, Decals) were already stamped as large letter so these went in the pillar-box. The remaining 16 larger ones came home with us. Will attempt again on Monday 15th Feb.

09-Feb-2021: Snowed on, snowed in, it’s no go.

Due to an excess of white-stuff falling out the sky overnight I am currently unable to dispatch orders . Fortunately, I posted 43 orders yesterday, so if you have one pending please check the Status of recent shop orders | The N Gauge Society page on the website. Normal service will resume as soon as possible.

04-Feb-2021: Fancy a boring time?

Then get your wagons rolling with the brand new NGS Bearing Reamers now available for sale at the NGS Shop (NGS Axle Box Reamers NGSB0400 ( Available as a pair with full instructions for £8. See the article on page 62 of NGS Journal 1/21 for more details.

30-Jan-2021: MOGOs are go-go.

Arrived today a batch of NGSK0260 kit 26 GWR Planked, Plywood & MOGO Vans – twin pack, back in stock at £9.15, with more to follow soon. Arrived 1st feb

Also coming down the track are kit 65 SR 8 Plank Open Wagon (NGSK0650) and kit 61 BR ‘Vanwide’ Van (NGSK0610).

25-Jan-2021 Bear with us.

I have had a number of requests for Bearing Reamers following an article published in the 1/21 NGS Journal. Due to an accident of timing these are not available in the NGS shop currently and I have no information about when they will arrive, or even if they have been produced yet. I will make an announcement here as soon as they arrive.

23-Jan-2021: If lock-down is getting to be a bind…

… then get you self together with a NGS Journal binder. Newly arrived in stock a batch of NGS branded Journal folder NGSM0175. Finished in dark red with gold NGS logo on the spine and self-adhesive date labels. Each folder has capacity for twelve issues – two years’ worth. Now back on sale at £6.40.

21-Jan-2021: Going down the drain…

… but at least you can put a lid on-it!

A new stock of NGSM0404 – Drain/manhole cover etches type 2 arrived today. There is only one etch per pack this time, so we have halved the price to 50p a pack.

21-Jan-2021: Snow go to the P.O.

Delivered overnight was a re-stock of winter weather (again). I will be unable to get to the Post Office as intended tomorrow (Fri 22nd Jan) and so order dispatch will be held over until Monday 25th. Sorry for the delay!

14-Jan-2021: NGS Shop – Recycling of Packaging materials

I lately received an email from a member in Leeds who, having recently received and order from the NGS Shop, requested if we had considered moving to padded envelopes that were more easily recycled. This is the first time I have been queried on this subject, so I thought I would explain to a wider audience what has been happening on the packaging front. Please follow this link to see this explanation: NGS Shop – Recycling of Packaging materials

11-Jan-2021: Buffering up!

For the scratch builders out there – a new stock of NGSB0202 Buffers – Oval (Steam Era) has arrived at the NGS Shop.

08-Jan-2021: Getting fresh, furry and sticky.

Fresh new day, fresh new snow and a fresh (or at least, chilly) new postman bring three boxes of supplies. Amongst the contents are a re-stock of NGSK0020 Kit 2 Mink C Box Van (and some more on the way) and some fresh new first-time-out NGS decals to stick on your kits:

  • NGST0200 Decals for kit 20 BR Anhydrite Hopper Wagon
  • NGST0640 Decals for kit 64 BR Sand Tippler/Coil J
  • NGST0750 Decals for kit 75 BR VCA Van
  • NGST0760 Decals for kit 76 BR VDA Van

07-Jan-2021: NGS Shop in weight-loss scheme

We have the kit to help you drop a few stones this new year – yes Kit 35 Auto-ballasters have arrived! The kits come as 5-packs at £105.30 per pack with 3 variants: Kit 35b. JJA Auto-ballaster (NGSK0351) Railtrack (converted from KPA); Kit 35c. HQA Auto-ballaster Railtrack (NGSK0352) and Kit 35d. HQA Auto-ballaster Network Rail (NGSK0353). In this first consignment there are only 3 packs of each, but more will follow on.

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