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Updated by Adrian Cotterill, NGS Shop Manager,

01-Oct-2020: Time to Frame up

Arrived today a restock of the popular and distinctive NGSK0030 Kit 3 MR/LMS/BR Outside Framed Van.

Also back in stock is NGSK0140 Kit 14 LNER/BR 8-plank Mineral Wagon.

28-Sep-2020: Lows go from no to high

A fresh restock of NGSK0660 Kit 66 BR Lowfit/Twin Bolster twin pack available at the NGS shop today.

26-Sep-2020: Open season

Just arrived today a restock of Kit 23. RCH/LMS 12t Open Wagon (NGSK0230).

News is that a restock of NGSK0660 Kit 66 BR Lowfit Twin Bolster is in the post.

Work has begun on a new batch of the popular NGSK0110 Kit 11 Seacow.

24-Sep-2020: Going Hopping mad!

Arrived today a box of NGSK0160 Kit 16 21T Hoppers to replenish exhausted stock.

Also news of progress in the production of kit 35 Hoppers/Auto-ballaster. Four varieties are to be produced:

  • Kit 35a PIA/KPA Aggregate Hopper as a single pack to include decals
  • Kit 35b JJA Autoballaster as a five pack to include decals
  • Kit 35c HQA Autoballaster Railtrack as a five pack to include decals
  • Kit 35d HQA Autoballaster Network Rail as a five pack to include decals

There is still a missing part to source for Kit35a, and the decals will arrive separately to the kits so there are delivery schedules as yet. I’ll let you know when I do.

21-Sep-2020: More Warflats, Hoppers and Cranes

Just arrived is the bulk of the new NGSK0580 Kit58 Modern Warflat kits in case you missed the first small batch.

Also arrived a restock of NGSK0010 Kit 1 BR Hopper Wagon HJO/HJV and the NGSK0272 Kits 27a & b extra Crane detailing kit for ‘Salmon’ wagons.

A consignment of NGSK0210 Kit 21. SR/BR 12t Box Vans – twin pack are on their way and a new production run of the popular NGSK0110 Kit 11 Seacow is underway.

17-Sep-2020: Boxing day in September

Five boxes of kits arrived in the post this morning – I am going to need a bigger doorstep!

Brand new are a small number of NGSK0580 Kit58 Modern Warflat. If you miss these, stay tuned as another 70 are in the post at the moment. Also new-ish is a return of the ex-Parkwood China Clay Open wagons now brought into the fold as NGSK0740 Kit 74.

Restocks of kits NGSK0020 Kit 2 Mink C Box Van; NGSK047 Kit 47 Highfit twin pack and NGSK0772 Kit 77b BR Boplate (Vacuum fitted) are now available.

16-Sep-2020: Need to drop a few stones?

I cannot help you with the diet, but you may be interested to hear that work is underway to get variants of Kit 35 – the Auto-ballasters, back in production. There are still some missing parts to be tracked down but the NGS Kit Production Officer has got the deerstalker and magnifying glass out and is on the case.

11-Sep-2020: If you are feeling a little flat…

Just arrived a consignment of  NGSK0771 Kit 77a BR Boplate (unfitted) wagon

10-Sep-2020: War is looming

News incoming that the etches for the new Modern (post 1976) Warflat kits (NGSK0580 – Kit 58) have now arrived with Kit Production. These will be sent to our kit packer who already has over 90 kits ready to receive the etches. Expect the kits in the Shop in about two weeks.

10-Sep-2020: Kit arrivals due next week

Just heard that on the way to the shop are a batch of NGSK0020 Kit 2 Mink and a batch of the ex-Parkwood China Clay Wagon now NGS branded as NGSK0740 – Kit 74

07-Sep-2020: Kit 19 Minerals arrived

A restock of NGSK0190 Kit 19 12T Mineral just arrived, plus news that Kit 74. BR China Clay Wagon (NGSK0740) is on its way!

05-Sep-2020: Kit 50a Warwells arrived

Just received a new stock of NGSK0500 kit 50a WW2 Warwell kits.

Also I am advised that a re-stock of NGSK0190 Kit 19. BR 21t Mineral Wagons are on their way to the shop.arrived 07-Sep

01-Sep-2020: Just Hopped in…

After a quiet month for stock arrivals I am pleased to announce the return of NGSK0280 Kit 28 RMS JGA Bogie Hopper kits. We have also had top ups of NGSK0690 Kit 69 Limpet; NGSK0750 Kit 75. BR VCA Van (body only) and NGSK0760 Kit 76. BR VDA Van (body only).

Kit production is beginning to resume now and so we will soon see stock levels getting back up to where they were before the Covid crisis.

Currently I am clenching various parts of the anatomy in anticipation of the imminent arrival of the Hunslets – more news when I have it.

31-Jul-2020: Tipplers can add a chaser

For those members who purchased the Kit 72 Iron-ore Tippler 5-pack kits, the full range of brand new NGS transfer sheets are available at the shop to finish of your models.

  • NGSTO720 Iron Ore Tippler – British Steel Early Livery
  • NGST0722 Iron Ore Tippler ARC Livery
  • NGST0723 Iron Ore Tippler Yeoman Livery
  • NGST0724 Iron Ore Tippler CAIB Yeoman Livery
  • NGST0725 Iron Ore Tippler VTG Yeoman Livery

There are still some of the original NGSTO721 Iron Ore Tippler – British Steel South Wales, Blue with Arrow Logo available.

See the NGS Shop page at for more details.

29-Jul-2020: Shop is back as are some old favourites

After a week staring at the ceiling I am finally (and gratefully) back in the perpendicular and returned to duties.

A number of boxes of kits have arrived in the meantime including some favourites that had previously run out:

  • NGSK0060 Kit 6 Loriot
  • NGSK0610 Kit 61 Van-wide
  • NGSK0700 Kit 70 BR Standard Vans

All now available at the NGS Shop.

New transfers for Kit 72 Iron Ore Tippler are due to arrive:

  • NGSTO720 Iron Ore Tippler – British Steel Early Livery
  • NGST0722 Iron Ore Tippler ARC Livery
  • NGST0723 Iron Ore Tippler Yeoman Livery
  • NGST0724 Iron Ore Tippler CAIB Yeoman Livery
  • NGST0725 Iron Ore Tippler VTG Yeoman Livery

09-Jul-2020: Kit deliveries

Just received new stocks of

  • NGSK00123 Kit 12c. BR BDV/BDW Bogie Bolster D (Plateback bogies)
  • NGSK0390 Kit 39 BR Mullet/Parr Sleeper Wagon
  • NGST0180 decals for kit 18 LMS van

Kit Production is now just about at a stand waiting for deliveries of chassis kits from Peco which has been closed down for a while.

We should however expect to see the re-emergence of the ex-Parkwood Kit 74 BR China Clay Wagon and variants of kit 35 Autoballaster to follow.

09-Jul-2020: Flaming June

The June weather may not have been the sunniest, but it has been warm work int the NGS shop during June. Orders placed by NGS members were over twice the value of last June’s takings and higher than the preceding three ‘Covid’ months. Kit sales has been a major driver as reported below, but also there has been a large jump in the number of the Thompson BG Full Brake. This no doubt has been triggered by the recent release of Thompson coaches by Bachmann/Farish. The has also been a marked increase in kit 37, TTA Chemical tank, usually a slow selling kit.

29-Jun-2020: Kits back in stock

Small batches of out of stock kits are rolling in including:

  • Kit 22 (NGSK0220) Shark Plough Brake – always snapped up quickly.
  • Kit 8. (NGSK0080) LMS/BR Bogie Bolster D
  • Kit 76. (NGSK0760) BR VDA Van (body only)

New to the fold:

  • Kit 77b. (NGSK0772) LNER-BR Boplate – Plateback bogies
  • Kit 77c. (NGSK0773) LNER-BR Boplate – Y25 bogies
  • Kit 28. (NGSK0280) RMS JGA Bogie Hopper

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