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Updated by Adrian Cotterill, NGS Shop Manager,

14-Jan-2021: NGS Shop – Recycling of Packaging materials

I lately received an email from a member in Leeds who, having recently received and order from the NGS Shop, requested if we had considered moving to padded envelopes that were more easily recycled. This is the first time I have been queried on this subject, so I thought I would explain to a wider audience what has been happening on the packaging front. Please follow this link to see this explanation: NGS Shop – Recycling of Packaging materials

11-Jan-2021: Buffering up!

For the scratch builders out there – a new stock of NGSB0202 Buffers – Oval (Steam Era) has arrived at the NGS Shop.

08-Jan-2021: Getting fresh, furry and sticky.

Fresh new day, fresh new snow and a fresh (or at least, chilly) new postman bring three boxes of supplies. Amongst the contents are a re-stock of NGSK0020 Kit 2 Mink C Box Van (and some more on the way) and some fresh new first-time-out NGS decals to stick on your kits:

  • NGST0200 Decals for kit 20 BR Anhydrite Hopper Wagon
  • NGST0640 Decals for kit 64 BR Sand Tippler/Coil J
  • NGST0750 Decals for kit 75 BR VCA Van
  • NGST0760 Decals for kit 76 BR VDA Van

07-Jan-2021: NGS Shop in weight-loss scheme

We have the kit to help you drop a few stones this new year – yes Kit 35 Auto-ballasters have arrived! The kits come as 5-packs at £105.30 per pack with 3 variants: Kit 35b. JJA Auto-ballaster (NGSK0351) Railtrack (converted from KPA); Kit 35c. HQA Auto-ballaster Railtrack (NGSK0352) and Kit 35d. HQA Auto-ballaster Network Rail (NGSK0353). In this first consignment there are only 3 packs of each, but more will follow on.

05-Jan-2021: Seacow crowned queen of the fish-kind…

… is not a headline you would see anywhere else but here, but it happens to be true. I have been updating the NGS Shop statistics for 2020 and kit 11 Seacows ballast hoppers were the number one best seller (185 packs sold). Second came kit 29 Private owner 7 plank open at 157 packs sold followed by kit 28 RMC JGA Bogie Hopper with 126 packs sold.

A total of 3043 packs of kits sold over 73 ranges of kit which illustrates both the scale of demand from members and the breadth of choice the Society makes available. It is also a reflection on the diversity of our hobby that the best seller is an Era 7 to 9 kit whereas the number two is Era 2 to 3.

More Shop stats are available at NGS Shop performance statistics

05-Jan-2021: NGS Shop remains open during lockdown.

Your NGS Shop will continue to operate during the newly announced lock-downs. However, deliveries may be less frequent and take longer as per the first lock-down last March. Check out the progress of your orders at Status of recent shop orders | The N Gauge Society

02-Jan-2021: In the deep mid-winter

Ah, the festive season – all those traditional activities such as eating too much, drinking too much, seeing the relatives, not seeing the relatives, and doing the annual NGS Shop stock-take. The stock-take always brings up a few surprises, such as frostbite, hyperthermia and discovering one or two items thought to have been extinct but found hiding in dark corners. So if you are interested in any of the following, get in quick as when they have gone, they have gone (honest).

  • NGSR0562 Thompson BG Crimson and Cream x2 – Sold
  • NGSR0557 Collet BG Enparts Olive x2 – Sold
  • NGSR0458 Inspection Saloon BR Maroon x1 – Sold
  • NGSR0451 Inspection Saloon LMS Lined Crimson x8
  • NGSR0603 PO 7 Plank wagon: Simmons x3 – Sold
  • NGSW0010 PO Wagons: 7 Plank Open – “Spencer, Abbot” x1 – Sold

The stock-take necessarily interrupts order processing, but this has now resumed, and the next batch of orders should be posted out on Monday 4th January all being well. If you are waiting, please click the “Order status” button above for the latest.

Another in-demand item this time of year is the folder for the excellent NGS Journals. These have been on order since November and are expected in stock soon.

There is a small batch of the long-awaited kit 35 Auto-ballasters on the way to the Shop. This is a fore-runner of the main production run due to start soon, so do not worry if you miss out this time.

Also, as a teaser, there is something on the way that may help give a little traction in the snow – too late for me, we have already had 3 inches here. If you still have space on you war-flats – keep tuned in for a new year surprise – if you don’t – buy more war-flats in readiness!

Happy New Year to all.

28-Dec-2020: My favourite things

“Rain-drops on Roses and Whispers of Kits – N”

“Bright paper decals and Buffers in scores – N”

I didn’t catch this year’s Christmas screening of the “Sound of Music”, so maybe the lyrics are not quite right!  Perhaps I should keep my von Trapp shut.

However if your favourite things are NGSK0020 Kit 2 GWR Mink kits then the whispers I have heard is that they will soon be back in stock at the NGS Shop. Also coming are some brand new decals sheets for the recent kits 64 Sand-tippler/Coil-J twin pack and kit 75 BR VCA/ kit 76 BR VDA vans. In addition are a refresh of the buffer packs including the Steam Era Oval type (NGSB0202) currently out of stock.

I expect these to be arriving early in the new year – keep checking back.

Happy New Year to all Members reading this (both of you)!

21-Dec-2020: Sounding the Last Post.

I have just returned from the post office having dispatched the final batch of orders for this year.

Wow, what a year it has been! What with the difficulties of working around lock-downs/-ups/-ins and the big increase in member orders – especially for kit building items. Since April orders have been up 50% on average compared to last year, with NGS Shop takings up 60% on average.

July had double the amount of trade of last year – looks like kit building took the place of holidays.

A total of 1200 parcels dispatched this year and £4000 spent at the local post office. Just the daunting prospect of the annual stock-take to face and then ready for the longed-for new year.

Thanks are due to Jacqui for helping with the packing and to members Richard Bardsley and Ian Tulloch who have performed sterling work in keeping the Shop supplied with kits and decals during trying circumstances.

Thank you to all those members who kept me busy this year and best wishes for a happy and safe Christmas to all NGS members.

Adrian, NGS Shop Manager

17-Dec-2020: Fancy a Mink Coat for Christmas?

Before your good lady gets too excited, I am referring to a restocking of NGST0020 Decals for kit 2 GWR Mink which have bee absent for a while. No animals were hurt during the making of these decals.

12-Dec-2020: For whom the bell tolls

When the (door) bell tolled at 8:03 this morning it wasn’t an Ancient Mariner but a bleary-eyed postman with a couple of boxes. If you are one of the members waiting on Decals for Sharks then it tolled for thee. A re-supply of the in-demand NGST0220 Transfers for kit 22 Shark – with some more coming soon.

There was no albatross in the boxes, but if you are interested in the contents of these deliveries you can see them in the NGS Shop – Stock arrivals | The N Gauge Society page or by click the “Stock Update” button above.

11-Dec-2020: Postman’s Knock

Another early delivery today (7:31) with a parcel from Yorkshire five days in transit. It appears from the news that Royal Mail are under stress at the moment with the extraordinarily large volumes of mail they are dealing with. I have had a number of queries from members seeking information about their orders, in one case 3 weeks in the post. I am still shipping out at the usual rate but please allow extra time for delivery before worrying.

Check out the progress of your orders at the button above or at  Status of recent shop orders | The N Gauge Society

Amongst the contents of today’s box a restock of NGSK0760 Kit 76. BR VDA Van (body only). Another four boxes of kits and decals are on the way to the NGS Shop currently.

03-Dec-2020: Snow lie-in today

An early knock-up on a snow covered morning by a postie bringing a box of stock, including a restock of decals NGST0180 for kit 18 LMS/BR 12t Box Vans-twin pack (NGSK0180 ).

22-Nov-2020: News from Kit Production

Now that the majority of kits are back in stock, the following is the latest update from our Kit Production Officer.

  • Decals we have in stock will be bagged up and sent to the Shop. Those out of stock just ordered from Railtec.
  • The Salmon sprues are out of stock, working with the toolmaker to get some more done, but this will likely be next year now.
  • Kit 15 Trestrol – need to get this redrawn and reproduced, so it will take a while.
  • Seacow etches are on order but it is a 6-week turnaround.
  • Kit 26 Mogo – sprues are out of stock, more on order, likely to be at least a month.
  • Kit 35 variants – awaiting the decals, and development of a replacement casting for one of the detail parts on Kit 35a.

17-Nov-2020: Tiers before bed-time

The Scottish Government has announced that West Lothian (where the NGS Shop is located) has moved up from Tier 3 to Tier 4 (the highest) COVID-19 defence tier from 20th Nov. This includes the closure of non-essential retail businesses. I am happy to inform members that this will not impact the service offered by the NGS Shop to its members, as the NGS does not have any retail premises and operates on-line or by mail order.

17-Nov-2020: The Train arriving:

Kit 12b. BR BDV/BDW Bogie Bolster D (Gloucester bogies) (NGSK0121) have now arrived in stock.

13-Nov-2020: To Bolster your spirits

Coming down the line is a restock of NGSK0121 Kit 12b BR BDV/BDW Bogie Bolster D (Gloucester bogies) due to arrive in the Shop next week. Arrived 17-Nov

9-Nov-2020: Sliding into place

Two boxes of NGS Transfers arrived today including re-stocks of

  • NGST00030 Transfers for kit 3 MR Outside Frame van
  • NGST0060 Transfers for kit 6 Loriot
  • NGST0080 Transfers for kit 8 LMS/BR Bogie Bolster D and kit 12d BR BDO Bogie Bolster D
  • NSGT0190 Transfers for kit 19 12T Mineral

For full details click/tap the “Stock Update” button above.

5-Nov-2020: Contain yourselves…

Just received a  restock of the NGSK0711 Kit 71b ‘Russell’ Coal Container (only) for modern image modellers.

1-Nov-2020: NGS Shop – Business as (whatever passes for) usual

Members should note that the recent announcement on a second Covid lock-down by the UK Government does not have any effect on the operation of the NGS Shop. The usual (for 2020) service will continue while good health and Scottish Legislation permit.

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Of couse I have, here: NGS Shop News – Archived news items

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