Stove R

NGK341-345 Stove R 6 wheeled van (RTR1)

The Stove R and the chassis have now sold out. After the Covid crisis has abated we hope to get further stocks of the more popular liveries, as well as chassis.

This is the first N Gauge Society full ready-to-run (RTR) wagon. The Society commissioned Dapol Ltd. to design and manufacture it exclusively for the NGS.The N Gauge society owns all the rights to the tooling and Dapol will only produce these N gauge models for the N Gauge Society, and no-one else.

The LMS Stove R saw service with the LMS, British Railways and BR. Built in the 1930s the Stove R was a 6 wheeled gangwayed guard’s brake van. They were used on parcel, newspaper and milk trains. Many survived into the 1970s in departmental use.

Illustrated are three of the painted and decorated samples from the eleven livery/number combinations – British Railways Crimson, Maroon, and Crimson & Cream.

The success of this model has required us to order extra quantities, beyond the initial production of 3,000 Stove Rs. Further stocks of the very successful Crimson and Cream livery were obtained in time for the 2011 AGM, and we also commissioned a version in the attractive Pullman livery which has been applied by the Bluebell Railway to its preserved Stove R.

NGK 346 – Stove R 6-wheel chassis only (RTR)

Stove R chassis only The succesful and distinctive 6-wheeled chassis developed for our Ready to Run (RTR) Stove R project is now available as a stand-alone chassis.It features close-coupling and NEM coupling pockets, and is proving popular with more adventurous modellers!

The NGS shop number is NGK 346

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