Annual Model Making Competition

The N Gauge Society has, normally, held an Annual Model Making Competition that took place during the exhibition that preceded the Annual General Meeting.
BUT PLEASE NOTE that, in accordance with the information published in Journal 01/20, there was no AMMC in 2020, nor will there be one in 2021.  There is some doubt as to whether it will continue thereafter, but if it is to do so, we need someone to take on the role of AMMC Co-ordinator. If you would like to volunteer for this post, please contact the Chairman.

Here are the rules

Register your models (multiple entries are allowed) here

Role Of Honour

Previous Competition Winners

Entry Classes

Class Trophy Description
A1 Presidents Shield Any steam locomotive with a scratch built body and/or chassis
A2 The Locomotive Cup Any Diesel or Electric locomotive, including any self propelled maintenance vehicle, with a scratchbuilt body and/or chassis
B1 Chairman’s Shield Any steam locomotive with kit built or modified bodies
B2 Vardalu Shield Any Diesel or Electric locomotive, including any self propelled maintenance vehicle, with kit built or modified bodies
C Multiple Unit Trophy Diesel or electric multiple units, including HSTs
D John Warner Cup Passenger stock – all types of passenger, parcels and TPO rolling stock
E Rolling StockCup Freight stock – all types including all permanent way vehicles which are not self propelled
F Building Cup All types of buildings or line side structures but excluding signals or line side equipment
G Ratio Cup Signals and line side equipment e.g. loading gauges
H P&D Marsh Cup All types of road vehicles
I Graham Farish Trophy Graham Farish Trophy. Awarded to the best small working layout, not exceeding 8 square feet in area
J The N Gauge Society Supreme Trophy The winners of each section of the Annual Model Making Competition, including the winner of Class ‘M’, will be judged together and the model considered to be the ‘Best in Show’ will receive the trophy
K PECO Cup The winner of this group will be the author of the article adjudged to have been the best published in one or more of the six Society Journals in the year prior to the date of the competition. This winner will be selected by the Board of Peco Publications & Publicity Ltd and notified to the General Secretary prior to the date of the competition
L The Matt Ascough Trophy For the best contribution by a member to the Society aims of promoting the Society’s Area Groups. Contributions may be in the form of models produced, articles written or any other commendable action.
M Past Winners Trophy Restricted to members who have previously been awarded a Cup or Trophy in a Society Annual Model Making Competition, who are thus disqualified from entering a model in that particular class, for a maximum period of two years, in accordance with Rule 13
N Roy Stanley Trophy Awarded to the best diorama, modelled in N Gauge, on any subject, but with preference being given to railway orientated scenes. Entries shall be no greater than four square feet in area.
O Fleischmann Trophy Awarded to the best model of a non-British prototype entered into any of the other clasess.
P The Andy Calvert Memorial Trophy Member’s Award, awarded to the model which receives the most votes on the day as cast by the members themselves.
Q Keith Robbins Memorial Trophy Best model not covered by another class, including models that are the work of more than one member of the Society.
R Dapol Trophy Complete Train – awarded to the best model of a complete train, consisting of at least one locomotive and one item of rolling stock. Diesel or electric multiple units, including HSTs such as can be entered in Class C are also eligible.


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