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Hunslet Update – One more bump in the road (Sept 21)

(First posted 21-Sep-2020)

We had been expecting delivery of the Hunslets very soon but the latest communication we’ve received from the Factory has unfortunately changed this. Two things have conspired to cause this final delay, the first is that the assembly of the production Hunslets is proving to be more challenging than the Factory first thought due to the additional Quality Control processes required, to ensure the previously advised wheel set issues are resolved, and also the complexity of the models themselves. Second is that COVID restrictions and associated resourcing issues from the Pandemic are slowing up the production cycle. (This last point is also affecting deliveries of other models from other manufacturers.)

So with this development, the Factory have committed to a new schedule that means the Hunslets will now be shipped in 3 batches (with specific liveries in each batch) starting with the first scheduled for late October (NB latest info seems to indicate a further delay). Each batch will be airfreighted to the UK so should arrive relatively quickly after despatch from the Factory. As you will recall our intention had been to get one batch delivered from the Factory and ALL pre-orders shipped out by our volunteers as soon as possible before any models would be made available for sale to the membership. This process has to change now due to the 3 batches being delivered with different liveries in each. (We did ask for all pre-orders to be sent first but this was not possible due the detail differences on each model that are required to setup the production lines and effectively lengthening the time to produce). 

The Revised Process.

1.  Members who have pre-ordered one model only: balance requests for the full value of your order (inc p&p) will be sent out after we have confirmation that the batch containing your required livery is on its way/has arrived.  Your model will be despatched to you as soon as possible after receipt of your payment.

2. Members who have pre-ordered two models: balance requests for the full value of your order (inc p&p) will be sent out after we have confirmation that the batch containing either or both of your required liveries is on its way/has arrived.  If in fact your models arrive in separate deliveries, your first model will be despatched as soon as possible after receipt of your payment, and your second model a.s.a.p. thereafter, at no extra charge.

3. Members who have ordered three or more models: balance requests for the full value of your order (inc. p&p) will be sent out after we have confirmation that the batch containing the first of your required liveries is on its way/has arrived.  If, as is likely, your models arrive in separate deliveries, the first item(s) received will be despatched as soon as possible after receipt of your payment, and the balance of your order as soon as the final liveried model is received thereafter, at no extra charge.  If you decide at any stage that you would like the balance of your order in a second and a third package, an extra £4 p&p will be requested, to help to offset additional costs incurred.

The above process will ensure that pre-orders will be despatched, either in whole or in part, as soon as reasonably possible after each shipment arrives. The liveries from each shipment will then go on General sale to all members once the pre-orders relating to that shipment have been dealt with. This is the best way we could find to ensure that those members who have pre-ordered more than one model at least get something to be going on with, if not everything that they have pre-ordered, as soon as possible, rather than waiting for everything to arrive.

Overall whilst disappointed with this final bump in the road, our end goal remains unchanged – to deliver the best possible model to our members with game changing features, excellent performance and all at a very, very competitive price.

Kind Regards,

Bob Symmons
NGS Treasurer

(Sept. 21st)

(Any further queries regarding pre-orders, which are not answered in the above text, should be directed to the Membership Secretary, who is overseeing the pre-order distribution process. To the best of our knowledge at the moment, the first delivery will include the three NCB liveries, the British Steel livery and the ‘Big John’ livery. When we know which liveries will be included in the later deliveries, we will post the information on this website).

Modelmaster Transfers & Etched Number/Name Plates – back on the transfer list!

At long last, after sterling work by Phil Holman in sorting them out, we are now, again, in the position to be able to make the stocks of MMT items that the Society holds, available for purchase by members.  Listings and prices appear on the Society Membership/Shop site at, from where orders can be placed.

Prices for these items have been reduced from previous levels, and will also include p&p. (However, especially for large orders, a p&p payment to offset costs will be accepted with gratitude!).  Phil has kindly offered to look after the supply to members of these items, which means that they will not be despatched from the same location as NGS products.  For this reason, we would ask that members submit MMT orders separately from NGS orders, to simplify administration procedures.

There are some MMT decals which were specifically produced for Society kits, and others which contain markings that can be used with our kits.  Where such instances occur, a note to the effect will be included on the relevant kit page, with a link to the MMT category which includes the item.  If, in such cases, an order combines the kits and the decals, we will live with it!

As members will probably be aware, ModelMaster have withdrawn from the N Gauge market.  Moreover, thanks to the good offices of Noel Leaver, the Society’s decals Officer, we are steadily increasing our own range of decal sheets suitable for Society kits.  So, as far as MMT items are concerned, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Latest Journal

Our journal 5/20 mailing was handed to royal Mail by our distributors yesterday (23rd September).

For those members who have registered for e-journals instead of hard copies, it will be possible to submit requests for the links at
from midday BST tomorrow (25th September).

Members who have not registered for e-journals but who would nevertheless like to obtain a copy can also submit requests for the links for which they will be required to pay a token sum of £1.00.


As well as on your membership card, your renewal date appears above your name on your journal address sheets, together with your membership number. A reminder is printed on the first page of the newsletter which accompanies each journal, prompting you to check the foregoing.

If your renewal is due, a renewal form is printed on the reverse of the address slip. Alternatively, you can renew your membership online at

Overseas members and journal 3/20

Members resident abroad who are still experiencing postal delays and who would like an interim electronic copy of journal 3/20 pending receipt of their hard copy should email with their request and include their membership number.

A page link and a password will be provided to enable a PDF to be downloaded.  This method will form the basis of  a new system whereby, with effect from journal 4/20, members will be able to receive electronic journal copies online instead of hard copies through the post.  For more information see the E-journal page here.