Hunslet Liveries

1. 6614 NCB NE area two-tone green – NGSR0591.

This livery is correct from the introduction of these locos in collieries as originally selected as the standard loco for the NE area of the NCB in 1964.  Loco 6614 (NCB 503) retains this livery even now in preservation.
USE WITH: Farish open coal wagons, MGR hoppers, NGS 21t hopper kit.

2. 7279 NCB Midlands maroon – NGSR0592. 

This livery was used in the Staffordshire coalfields and then appears to have been adopted elsewhere.  Loco 7279 carries the livery with a crest but not outward numbering.
USE WITH: Farish open coal wagons, MGR hoppers, NGS 21t hopper kit.

3. 6663 NCB Western area olive green – NGSR0593. 

This livery dates from the 1960s and was based at Bersham Colliery in Wales.  The olive green colour means it could be an attractive option for those seeking a ‘military’ shunter.
USE WITH: Farish/Dapol/NGS coal and coke wagons.

4. 8998 Esso red – NGSR0594. 

Two locos, 8998 and 8999, were built for Esso.  There were at least two versions of the red livery, this being the introductory version.
USE WITH: Farish Esso TTA, TEA, and possibly Revolution class B tank.

5. 6950 BP original white – NGSR0595. 

When delivered to BP in the 1960s, their locomotive carried a plain white livery with then-new BP shield on the cabside, and larger red BP lettering on the short bonnet.
USE WITH: Farish BP TTA and TEA.

6. 6950 BP green – NGSR0596. 

BP’s Hunslet had at least two other liveries, one of them an attractive combination of white and green painted by apprentices at the Coryton refinery who also named the locomotive “Louise.” This livery was retained into preservation.
USE WITH: Farish BP TTA and TEA.

7. 8977 CEGB Orange – NGSR0597. 

CEGB had two Hunslet shunters – based at Carrington and Chadderton power stations.  These were later used at the Port of Workington.
USE WITH: Farish/Dapol/NGS coal and coke wagons.

8. 7543 British Steel yellow – NGSR0598. 

British Steel operated a huge fleet of locomotives, with several Hunslets among them at Workington, Ravenscraig, Trostre and elsewhere.
USE WITH: Farish/Dapol/NGS steel carriers and stone hoppers.

9. 8976 Port Authority blue/yellow – NGSR0599. 

The Port of Workington acquired these and refurbished them.  They have recently been used to shunt newly delivered class 68s!
USE WITH: Anything.

10. 7410 RMS Locotec blue/grey – NGSR059A. 

RMS has a fleet of three spot-hire Hunslets that have been used at Trostre steelworks, Boulby mine and Cobra yard at Middlesbrough.
USE WITH: Faris/Dapol/NGS steel wagons and other hoppers

11. 8879 ‘Black Agnes’ Lafarge green – NGSR059B. 

Lafarge has two shunters at its Oxwellmains cement terminal in East Lothian.  The other in this livery is 7304 ‘Doon Hill’.
USE WITH: Farish Blue Circle/Lafarge cement tanks.

12. 7017 RfD sectorisation triple grey – NGSR059C. 

Preserved loco 7017 was repainted in a variant of the RfD triple grey livery at Carnforth for a period.
USE WITH: Stock at a preserved railway.

13. 7017 Harry Needle Railroad Co – NGSR059D. 

HNRC has several Hunslet shunters – some are kept at Long Marston and some are available for spot-hire.
USE WITH: Various wagons.

14. 9092 Caledonian pale blue – NGSR059E. 

The pale blue unbranded Caledonian variant is selected, as research suggests it spent significantly longer in this livery and it can deputise for an ECC or Milford Haven Murco version.  (Please note that, contrary to the image shown, this livery does NOT come with a flashing light).
USE WITH: Dapol silver bullet china clay tanks, Chivers timber wagons, Revolution modern TEA tankers in red or grey.

15. 6685 ‘Big John’ blue – NGSR059F. 

This is an ex-NCB Shunter used at Queenborough (Sheerness) steel rolling mill in North Kent.  Initially in plain green, it later received this attractive blue livery.
USE WITH: Farish/Dapol/NGS steel wagons.

16. Completely undecorated – NGSR059G.

The undecorated models are being supplied unpainted with a working and installed chassis with flashing lights. Half will have the type A (50T) footplate and half the type B (55T).  All the various optional parts (breathers, generator cabinets, fire extinguishers, different etched handrails) are loose in the box.

The close up shows the 55T type B. Note that the sandbox is square and the lower corner of the chassis, between the footsteps and the wheels, is an angled series of flats.

This close up shows the 50T type A. Note that the sandbox lids are round and the lower profile of the chassis corner is curved.

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